Essential Wine Equipment And Accessories That Will Boost Your Experience

For you to enjoy your wine, you must have the appropriate accessories to preserve, store, open and serve your wine and wine bottles. This is a little investment that will ensure you have a good experience while sharing a bottle of wine with your friends and family. From choosing the appropriate wine storage facilities to the small opener used to pot the bottle, the following are just but a few items you should possess in your home.

Wine cellars

You need a place to store your wine bottles when they are still unopened. A wine cellar can be located anywhere in the house as long as the temperatures, light and humidity are controlled in the room to offer an appropriate environment for the wine to age finely. They offer a great space to age your wines for a few more years before popping the cork for a special occasion.

Indeed, anyone who considers themselves to be a wine lover has to have a wine cellar to store expensive bottles and souvenirs. These can also be on display for visitors, and can be used to decorate an empty space in the house. Some of the most unique cellars are placed in the attic or the basement which is accessible by an invisible door.

Decent wine glasses


Wine has to be served in a wine glass, and there are different glasses for different drinks. Therefore, make a point of having a decent set of every type of wine glass for you to enjoy your wine in. Some people even believe that the shape of the glass has a great influence on the way the drink tastes! Essentially glasses in which red wine is served are taller and have a rounder and bigger bowl as compared to those used for white wine. Inquire from your supplier on the best types of glasses to purchase and stock in your house.

Wine opener

We can all agree that it is quite difficult to open a bottle of wine without an opener. The process of having to pop out the cork without the help of the corkscrew and the lifting force of the wine opener is just too challenging. Depending on your preference, you can purchase the simple model or the more complicated one that is used in restaurants by waiters, as long as they serve the purpose at the end of the day. But for a frequent wine taker, go for the more sophisticated version. It may just be a fancy item of decoration in your house.

Wine chiller

Do not underestimate the importance of the statement “best served when chilled”. It makes all the difference when you have a cold drink as compared to a warm drink. This especially applies to white wine which essentially should be served cold for the ultimate experience. Get yourself a wine chiller to ensure that your wine remains cold even after opening it. This item should be presentable enough for placing on the table or on the side when the table is being used for meals.

Wine stopper or cork replacer

Have this item to replace the cork once you have popped it out of a wine bottle. It prevents the wine from losing its aroma and taste as it would if you left it open. Have several replacers in case you open several bottles at the same time, but avoid doing this frequently. Ensure that once you open a drink, you finish it before moving on to another bottle.

You can buy these essential items for yourself or for a friend as a gift package. Whatever the case, make sure you get quality items from a reliable supplier.