Under the Counter Wine Fridges from Rosehill Wine Cellars

Whether you are renovating your kitchen or moving into a new house altogether, having an under the counter wine cooler is handy. Wine fridges are great for many things including proper wine storage, as well as saving room in the fridge. The key to under the counter wine storage is that the unit has front venting. This way the unit can be built right into your kitchen. There are many great options for under the counter wine storage. Here are just a few options from Rosehill Wine Cellars.

Wine Cell’R Wine Cabinets

Wine Cell’R has a lot of great and affordable wine fridge options. The Wine Cell’R WC-38 SSDZBC is a beverage center with double doors and dual temperature zones. This type of beverage center is awesome, because you can store both your wine as well as your pop and beer cans in it. If you have limited space available the Wine CellR WC-34 SSTS is ideal for you. This skinny wine fridge is only 15 inches wide and can hold 34 wine bottles!

Cavavin Wine Cabinets

Cavavin is another great wine cooling cabinet manufacturer. The CAVA54 is a small wine cooling unit that can hold up to 54 wine bottles. The CAVA30NBS is the skinnier version of the CAVA54. This cabinet can hold up to 30 wine bottles.

Marvel Wine Cabinets

Marvel wine coolers are also perfect for under the counter cooling. The ML24WS is a 24 inch single zone wine fridge that can hold 45 bottles of wine. Ideal for under the counter storage this unit is part of Marvel’s High Efficiency Series, and is built with a high efficiency rapid cool down cooling system. This wine cooler is also a great way to display some of your prized bottles, because it includes a display shelf.

Marvel Under the Counter

Check out Rosehill Wine Cellars for all of your wine storage and wine drinking needs!