Unique Wine Racks That Can Be Installed In Small Spaces

A small space should not hinder you from installing or building a storage item for your wines. Smaller houses require that you store items in an organized manner to prevent it looking too busy and congested. Therefore, look for unique wine racks that can fit in small spaces properly and serve their purpose at the end of the day. They should be decorative and elegant to display, and blend in well with the rest of the elements in the room. Here are a few ideas you can consider.

Vertical racks

Instead of having a horizontal structure that will not fit properly in the small space, consider buying a vertical one. They are thin enough to be propped up against a corner without taking so much space like the traditional storages. It can be a stand-alone object or you may have to place it on top of a table or drawer. Experiment with as many styles as possible, such as having alternating vertical spaces in which you can place your wine. This creates a decorative piece and will enhance the aesthetics of the room.

Hanging racks

These work really well where there is space on the wall. You can build a rack into the wall, so that it hangs in the air instead of resting on the ground or on another object. This way, you can utilize as much space on the wall without compromising on the functionality of the storage. In fact, it can be a huge part if the unique decor just about anywhere in the house, depending on how much you invest in making it attractive. You can arrange your glasses at the bottom of the rack so that they hang by the stem; hence create a very elegant piece.

Consider having the hanging rack built into the roof at the centre of your kitchen to create dominant centrepiece that doubles up as storage for your wine. Your main aim is to make sure that the available space is put into useful function.

Wall-mounted racks


There are many various ways of mounting storage on the walls for storing your wine bottles. They can be made out of wood or steel, and incorporate different designs that are both decorative and functional. With these racks, you can also create a display where the wines can be seen easily. You can have a big storage that holds many bottles at one point, or have many small racks positioned on different spots on the wall.

Whatever your style, make sure that it is stable especially if it is hanging from the roof or mounted on the wall. It should be a reasonable piece, one not so delicate so as to have a shaky hold. It would be such an unfortunate scenario if your wine bottles toppled over at the slightest touch, as this means that the storage is not efficient.

Use storages with multiple functions

A small space means that you have to compromise some items for others so that what you have can fit in an orderly manner. But maybe you do not really need to compromise. Look for a rack that can be used to store wine and other items at the same time. For example, have holes in the rack from which wine glasses can hang in a classy manner. Also, you can use your wine storage to store other items like books and towels when you do not have wine to preserve. For bigger racks, you can store other items on the empty spaces until you can buy more wine to fill them up. At the end of the day, you should derive the maximum benefit from the smallest spaces you can get.