Between Wine Cabinets And Cellars, Which Is The Better Choice?

The selection between a wine cellar and a wine cabinet might be easier than you ever thought. But whatever the case, for wine aficionados, the thought of having their own wine cellars or wine cabinets is a compelling and romantic dream. For one, wine racks bring authenticity and a real connection to the origins of vintage wines. As a result, they rate number one on many restaurant or house tours. Nevertheless, when deliberating on all of the factors involved in wine storage requirements, then the wine cabinets are a better option. This is true for both hospitality and residential projects.

In actual sense, wine cabinets come out on top of the class where factors such as ease of installation, cost, ambiance and storage conditions are concerned. How so, you might ask. Let’s take a case where you are looking to store 2 000 bottles of classic wine.

Cost and installation

wine cabinets

Construction of a wine cellar is a huge building project, and that is disruptive and expensive in all ways. Painting, wood, drywall, flooring, lighting, insulation, plumbing, wiring, framing and demolition are just some of the aspects of this kind of a project. Cost estimates for constructing such a room, sourcing the racking and cooling materials as well as their installation can easily add up to approximately $50 000 at the end of it all. A bank of custom wine cabinets on the other hand can be installed in less than one day and all at a cost of around $30 000, saving you up to $20 000 or more in the process.


To say the least, it is quite hard to beat the romance and atmosphere of walk-in wine cellars. Nonetheless, wine cellars have their own drawbacks. At fifty five degrees, they are a great place where one can linger to decant and start imbibing with acquaintances. Apart from this, to enjoy the cellar from the outside, installation of quality glass door and lighting is required. This way, people can then enjoy viewing what is stored within the cellar via a stylishly designed tasting area beyond. Installation of these kinds of cellars is costly, time and effort consuming.

One the other hand, with a bank of custom-designed quality wood and glass wine cabinets, your wine and accessories can be on display in their full glory for all to see in a vantage spot of your own selection. To add to the dramatic wine exhibition, simply have glass backs and pre-installed lighting in place.


Since wine cabinets are much smaller than wine cellars, they are able to provide a more precise temperature control. With lower cooling requirements, optional separate zones for storing and serving red varietals, champagnes and whites, wine cabinets simply take better care of your wine.

Wine cabinets are both beautiful and functional. Furthermore, they offer excellent storage temperatures as well as clear visibility of the stored wines and accessories. With these cabinets, you can be able to exhibit rows upon rows of choice bottles of wine. For added authenticity, a cigar humidor can also be built into the cabinet.

All in all, choice wine storage requires sufficient space in a home. Some homeowners are lucky enough to have plenty of space in their homes, and thus can have a cellar built for storing their choice wines. Unfortunately, people that live in tiny apartments or condominiums have limited choices where wine storage is concerned. For these kinds of people, having a wine cabinet installed in a select spot within their homes is the best option. So whether you have room or not at your own place, let your wines escape the cellar by finding them a home in a gorgeous wine cabinet!