Obviously it is best to always have a corkscrew ready to go, but sometimes that is not the case and you end up in a bind! Here at Rosehill Wine Cellars we have tons of awesome wine opener options, which are especially great if you are looking for Christmas presents and stocking stuffers. But what if you don’t have a corkscrew at the ready? Here are some wonderful and unique wine openers, as well as what to do if you don’t have one.

(Before reading please note that these opening methods are pretty unconventional and maybe a wee bit wacky! We obviously assume no responsibility to any damage that may occur to your precious wine bottles, and of course we think our corkscrews are a much better option!)

1)   Use your Shoe

This is an awesome and simple way to open a wine bottle! Just start by removing the outer foil and make sure the cork is free. Once that’s done place the bottle inside the heel of your shoe, and hit it against a solid wall. The cork should come right out!

2)   Flute Extractors

Looking for an exciting different sort of wine opener? Flute extractors are an excellent way to open a bottle of wine that has a damaged cork. They are also great as Christmas presents for those wine lovers on your list who already have a million corkscrews!

3)   Hammer and Nails

This method is slightly unconventional, but definitely handy if you are at a friend’s house and they don’t have an opener. Start by removing the foil then hammer a series of nails into the cork. Afterwards, simply pull out the cork using the claw part of the hammer. Et voila your wine is ready to drink!

4)   Champagne Saber

This has to be one of the most epic ways to open a bottle of Champagne! This would also make a great Christmas gift! To see how sabering is done check out the video below.

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