Turn Any Space Within Your Home Into A Dream Wine Room!

Many homeowners dream of having quality wine cabinets, wine cellars or wines racks installed at great spots within their homes, and for a good reason. Wine storage needs sufficient space. While quite a number of them have plenty of space in their homes, some don’t. If you are among those that don’t have sufficient space in their homes, you are not out of luck as there are many unsuspecting spots within your home that can be transformed into remarkable wine rooms.

Great spots to store wines within your tiny home

Wood wine racks

As it is, it is not necessary to have an extensive wine cellar in your home so as to stylishly exhibit your wine collection. Believe it or not, a limited space can hold up to a few thousand bottles of wine without looking too crowded. How so, you might ask. Well, simply find a good spot in your house that can house your wine collection in controlled settings. But make sure to keep your wines safe from vibrations, out of direct sunlight, and at tolerable humidity and temperature range. If not, your prized collection of wines might age more rapidly than is the norm. Here are some great places to store wines in a tiny condominium or apartment.


Turn your closet into a magnificent wine storage area. Closets are awesome and surprising places that can be turned into great spots to store your wines. A custom reach-in wine closet can be outfitted with quality wine racks to excellently store your prized wine collection.

Built-in refrigerated wine cabinets

You can opt to have a custom refrigerated wine cabinet installed in your living room. These are perfect for storing wine cabinets where space is an issue. In most cases, they are shipped fully assembled and ready for installation. However, it is recommended that you consider the cooling costs before their purchase.

Conditioned wine cabinets are on average 70% less costly than having a wine cellar installed. Easily customized, they have an array of design features and storage options that can easily be altered to match the existing décor in your home. Some of the commonest features in this case include LED lighting, hardware, finish, wood species, size and style. Custom wine cabinets are beyond doubt an excellent way to utilize a limited space and guarantee ideal wine storage settings.

Under the stairs

An unused space under a flight of stairs can easily be converted into a dazzling wine room. Simply opt for custom wine racks or wine cubes to house your bottles, along with features such as a decanting area and diamond bin storage. Curved corner wine racks can prove especially helpful in limited spaces since it allows for a seamless transition around corners.

Basement alcoves and pantry areas

Convert that disused pantry area or basement alcove into a small walk-in wine room. An experienced wine storage systems designer can help you to determine what is right for you and your home its size notwithstanding. He or she also can help you choose the right cooling and humidification systems so as to keep your wine collection in the best of conditions, and thus ready for instant enjoyment.

Wine cubes

Wine cubes are a good option where conventional wine racks might not fit. Best of all, they can be mounted or stacked to the wall to maximize storage space.

What about home display kits?

Home display units are designed to effectively offer a homeowner with a variety of options in wine accessories, inserts, cabinets and much more. Best of all, these kits are quite durable and flexible enough as to offer the homeowner the best ways to display his or her prized wines. Apart from the wine collections, make sure to add the right wine accessories to easily showcase your selections to people that comes visiting.