Wine Cellar Problems Might Just Affect The Quality Of Your Wine!

Do you know that the wine is a commodity that is alive. How well you take care of it goes a long way to determine whether it will turn out good or bad in the long run. Therefore, you have the task of ensuring optimal conditions that accommodate wine storage. Although wine storage is not very complicated, there are a number of wine related issues that people with a collection of wine face on a daily basis. If these problems are not solved soon enough, they usually lead to damage of good wine. Here is a list of the common wine problems experienced in wine cellars and how to deal with each one of them effectively.

Poor wine positioning

Poor positioning of the wine contributes to creation of bad wine. This is particularly critical when it comes to wine cabinet and rack design during wine cellar installation. Proper installation of the wine cellar allows you to keep the wine bottle horizontally. This helps keep the wine in contact with the cork allowing it to stay wet. Dry corks usually shrink and allow in air, which is a recipe for disaster. Air turns good wine to vinegar. Therefore, you should ensure that the wine bottle is placed horizontally. You can also ensure that during wine cellar installation, the wine racks allow for horizontal positioning of the wine bottles.

Poor temperature conditions


It is vital to store your wine under constant temperature conditions. This is because changes in temperature interfere with the condition of your wine. If there is a daily change of temperature in the wine storage, your precious wine is likely to age at a faster rate. You need to ensure that there is no significant temperature fluctuation. Temperature changes cause expansion and contraction of the wine. This affects affect the integrity of the cork forcing it to succumb to air penetration, which eventually damages wine. Working with the most efficient cooling unit will help keep your wine good for longer periods.

Bad location of wine storage

Although light may sound as the least threat to wine, it actually leads to premature aging. In particular, wines that are contained in transparent or clear bottles are susceptible to light. Unfortunately, ultraviolet light is capable of penetrating even through dark colored bottles. Ultraviolet light destabilizes the essential compounds of wine such as tannins. Tannins create flavor, aroma and perfect structure in wine. The worth of your wine is reduced to nothing with the absence of tannins. In that case, you need to find the best location for wine storage where there is little or no exposure to sunlight.

Bad cork

It is also important to ensure that the type of cork used in the bottle is effective. Poor quality corks usually succumb to environmental changes resulting from temperature and humidity. As a result, they allow air to penetrate into the bottle causing harm to the wine. Poor corks are more likely to leak or dry up. When sealing the wine bottle, you need to ensure that it is properly corked. You can also look out for problems such as cracked or smelly corks. Lightly corked bottles usually result in wines with a dull taste and less aroma.

These are among the top reasons that lead to wine damage. If you have had a collection of wine before, you are likely to have experienced one of these problems. These problems are not hard to handle. If you commit yourself to improving the conditions of your wine cellar, you will be able to have great wine. You can choose to redesign or upgrade your wine cellar to enhance storage conditions. Great wine is the result of perfect storage conditions.