Wine Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Aging your wine is an exciting process. However, storing your wine properly is very important, especially if you are interested in long term aging. Sometimes it is difficult to find the space to store your wine correctly.

Wine Racking

If you have an area that is cool and dark effective wine storage is often simply about installing a wine rack. This is especially true if your wine is sitting in boxes. Of course, this solution only works if you have an area that doesn’t have any temperature fluctuations and is nice and dark. Additionally, this is usually only a temporary storage solution.

Smaller Wine Fridges

Wine fridges are an excellent and easy solution for wine storage! If you don’t have a lot of space getting a small wine cooling unit is a great way to store your wine. Many smaller wine coolers will fit snuggly into your kitchen, and as an added bonus they will help you save space in your refrigerator!

Building a Small Wine Cellar

Building a small wine cellar is a good idea if you have a closet that you don’t use. Another good location is under the stairs. These spaces can’t store extensive wine collections, but they can store more wine than most small wine fridges can. If you are interested in converting a small space into a wine cellar take a look at these cooling units designed especially for small spaces.

Small Wine Cooler

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