5 Incredible Wine Cellar Design Ideas For 2016

You probably got a decent collection of wines at your home. But is your wine collection being stored appropriately? If you are not so sure about the answer, now is the time to take your wine collection to the next level by building your own private wine cellar or a custom wine room. If your wine collection is getting bigger than your closet or wherever you store them, then it is time to start investigating some wine cellar design ideas. One thing to remember is that you don’t have to be a wine expert to find inspiration in the any of the following wine cellar design ideas.

Contemporary designed wine cellar

Maintain your contemporary style by integrating modern touches of glass and stainless steel. This style is pure artwork, a showpiece and quite practical. It perfectly suits a modern home and its owner’s style. A contemporary wine cellar design allow for easy bottle display and ease of identification in a clean and functional layout.

Conventional looking wine cellar

Create a wine cellar that celebrates natural materials such as old-world arches, Mediterranean flair, wood, stones, etc. This wine cellar design works best with traditional home design style. It gives a home a sophisticated, lived-in and elegant feeling and appearance you can’t get with a contemporary design.

Private and intimate wine cellar

Create the ultimate intimate cellar experience in the walls of your home and enjoy a bottle or two of choice wine with friends or family over a great meal in your own private wine cellar that comes complete with an entertainment and seating section. This wine design will take you to a different world within your own home. It is an excellent design option for when you require getting away but not too far away.

Small spaces

People with limited space in their homes don’t have the luxury of converting an entire room into of a functional wine cellar space. However, they can convert a closet or the space under the stairs into a fully functioning wine cellar, complete with a wine rack, shelving or even a refrigerator. These sorts of a cellar provide enough storage space for your wine collection while saving you money. With the right design and appropriate planning, a converted closet can be magnificent to say the least.

Customized showcase wine cellar

Find a corner in your house to tuck in a wine cellar that shows off your wine collection. In this way, you will have an innovative and breathtaking space to store all your wines. Custom wine cellars are also a great way store and display your wine collection. Since wine is a delicate beverage, it requires being stored in optimal conditions. Custom showcase cellars are designed to house wine collections of varied sizes in controlled conditions. They enable you to store all your wines at once instead of having to acquire different cabinets every time you make a new purchase. The advantages of having a custom built wine cellar in your home include:

• Climate control: Wine cellars come equipped with separate coolers, heaters and humidity control systems, meaning that the air inside the cellar is always right for storing your wine collection.

• Sufficient storage space: You have enough space in a custom wine cellar to store and display all your wines. This means you will never have to worry about your prized bottles getting lost in the shuffle or crowded out of sight.

• Proper inventory management: It is much easier to manage your wine inventory since all the bottles are organized along a variety of sight lines. In this way, you can easily see your entire wine collection at a glance.

As clearly shown above, your home can significantly benefit from having a wine cellar in it to safely and conveniently store all your valuable wines. Consult a knowledgeable wine cellar building expert to have one designed for your home in 2016.