Four Reasons to Buy a Wine Cell’R Wine Fridge

As the owner of a Wine Cell’R brand wine fridge, you’re protected by one of the best guarantees in the entire wine storage industry.  Our goal is to ensure that wine cellars give as much pleasure to the wine lovers as the enthusiasm that we feel to develop and to offer you quality products for the conservation of your wines.

Wine Cellr, In-Line Kitchen Wine Cabinets

Great for catering professionals or the new wine connoisseur, Wine CellR built-in or free-standing wine cabinets are practical, cost effective cabinets.

A wine refrigeration system can be a great way to temporarily store your wine if you are not considering serving it right away.   This is especially true if you have wine bottles lying around that aren’t being stored properly. The right wine fridge will bring a lot of happiness into your life!

Euro, Wine CellR WC46 SSSZ4, stainless steel handle on glass door

There are tons of great wine fridge brands, but the Wine Cell’R brand wine fridge is a market leader for many reasons.  This brand is definitely one of the best.  Here are some reasons you consider a Wine Cell’R wine storage unit.

Let’s look at Wine Cell’R WC46 SSSZ4

Wine CellR WC46 SSSZ4 has a reversible glass door with a stainless steel handle.  This wine cabinet features a reversible door with internal LED lights and displaym like the full sized model, and electronic tactile control on the door.

The wine cabinet has a forty six bottle capacity (750mL).  Wine Cell’R offers it with its three new  audacious and functional collections DIAMOND, BLACK DIAMOND, and BLACK PEARL. Until now no cellar offered you as much quality, durability and performance in this price range. Whether you are a wine lover or a professional, our ambition is to guarantee your wines the optimum conditions of conservation and service.


Wine Cell’R’s are available in many different shapes and sizes

Wine Cellr storage incounterBig or small, Wine Cell’R wine cabinets are available in many different shapes and sizes. They also have dual temperature zones available, as well as beverage centers. Therefore, no matter what your wine storage needs are, Wine Cell’R has you covered

Features o Most models are being changed to a reversible door.  Standard hinge will be on the right when looking at the front of the cabinet.  The door swing can easily be changed on site to left hinge.  Should you wish Rosehill to change the hinge orientation prior to delivery, there will be a $50 charage.

The enclosure cut out needs only to be slightly larger than the dimensions of the cabinet to slide into space if being built in.  Please note, the Wine Cell”R wine cabinets are NOT designed to sit flush with surrounding cabinetry.  The door has to remain outside the enclosure to allow opening. (It’s not a zero clearance hinge – you need about ½” or so to allow the door to open. )

It’s rare to find something that is both reliable and affordable, but Wine Cell’R Wine Cabinets definitely are! Built for the modern day wine collector these wine storage units will store your wine collection safely. Most of these units feature an Embraco compressor, extendable shelving, anti-UV glass, a touch pad, a security lock, as well as many other great additions.

Front venting for inline wine fridge

Front venting is a very valuable feature because that means  means the cabinet can be built-in to the kitchen counter or placed wherever you want. This is possible because the storage unit vents out of the front rather than the back. Inline kitchen appliances must have front venting of they cannot be placed under the counter or embedded in kitchen walls.

Wine cabinets are beautiful to behold

Wine Cell’R is ideal if you’re interested in purchasing a cabinet that has a great modern look. These contemporary wine cabinets are built with sleek stainless steel or black trim.

They are also lit with LED lighting, and feature digital temperature controls. These wine storage cabinets are ideal for your kitchen, and are sure to bring a sleek and stylish elegance into your home!

Make sure to check out Rosehill Wine Cellars for all of your wine storage and wine drinking needs!