Tips For Selecting A Fitting Rack For Your Wine Collection

Wine storage units and wine racks come in a wide variety of options, with some designed to display a single bottle and others to store and exhibit hundreds of cases or bottles, and everything in between. The materials used in wine rack construction vary considerably.

Wood racks range from cheap pine wine varieties to more costly oak, cherry, walnut and even more exotic wood made types. Redwood racks are beautiful and quite functional, making them a popular option. Different kinds of metal are also used to make racks for holding or storing your wine collection, with iron varieties being the commonest. There is also glass made racks for holding your wine bottles.

If you wondering which type of wine rack to opt for, you are not alone. With so many wine rack sizes and styles available, selecting the most fitting for your wine collection can be a real challenge. Here are some wine rack selection suggestions and recommendations according to reliable wine storage experts.


The first step in selecting a wine rack should be deciding where to place it. One of the greatest mistakes that lots of people make is placing their wine rack where temperatures are constantly changing, for instance in a kitchen. Experts recommend setting aside a spot in the coolest section in your home, preferably the basement. If your home does not have a basement, then make sure to install a wine cooler unit in the room.

It is also recommended that you carefully think about the types of wines you want stored on your wine rack. Those that are stored outside the cooler unit must be those that you know will be consumed within a short duration of time, preferably with a couple of months. This means those bottles that are not of great value to you.

Wine rack construction material

The majority of racks used for wine storage are made of wood; however, quite a few are made from metal. Some wine collectors prefer metal made racks that have nested bottle holders. These keep the bottles on their side at all times and don’t allow them to slide around due to the bent wire racking holding the neck in place. Ensure the racking is on level ground, and if tall, somewhat bolted to the wall.

You need to physically inspect any wine rack you are planning to purchase. Note that computer photos do not show the actual workmanship. So it is critical to look at a number of different key construction areas. A wooden rack will be stronger and more stable if the horizontal stabilizer bars and bottle holders are firmly screwed into the vertical bars. For durability and heavy use, make sure to utilize wood that is 3/4-inch in thickness. For maximum stability, the wooden wine rack should be glued, nailed and screwed together.

Racks used for wine storage are made from many different types of woods, ranging from mahogany and pine. High-quality racks are typically made from hardwoods such as mahogany, redwood, etc., which last a long time. These have a capacity to bear heavy wine bottles. The less expensive racks are made from a soft wood such as pine. Wine storage experts are against utilizing cedar or racks finished with wood stains because the odor can taint the stored wines.

Usage of wine racks

Wine storage racks come in all sizes and shapes, and can be free-standing or wall-mounted. If you live in an area that regularly experience earthquakes, make certain to have your rack firmly secured in place so that it doesn’t pull out of the wall or tip over. When beginning a wine collection, it is quite easy to underestimate how many bottles you will purchase and the amount of fun you will have. Although you might not have enough room to create a real wine cellar in your home, your wine collection need to be properly stored so as to be able to enjoy it. A wine rack is best utilized in humidity-controlled area, away from vibration and sunlight.