Modern Wine Cellars That You Will Love!

Gone are the days when wine docks were constructed in basements with the sole purpose of controlling humidity and temperature for proper wine aging and preservation. These ancient dimly-lit structures don’t belong to modern cities now for they are already considered as a thing of the past. With the advent of modern technology, wine closet manufacturers have incorporated art and function to meet the needs of present day wine connoisseurs. Here are some top of the line modern wine cellars that you may want to visit.

Touzet Studio Wine Cellar

Designed by Vin de Garde, this modern wine cellar is made from stained wood veneer. Its focal point is the dining area, with its elegant dining table and chairs, which is strategically situated alongside of the cellar. Its curved wooden ceiling and pendant lighting make it look pristine and cosy. This modern cellar is complete with a wine wall and a tasting room.

Balwyn Wine Cellar

A one of its kind wine cellar in Victoria, Australia designed by Renn, this high-end cellar has an automated glass trap door that leads to a basement of 2.7 metres deep. Bottles of wine are arranged neatly in a spiral form that looks like a staircase when viewed on top.

Astagna Cucine ‘Cashmere’ Kitchen

This modern day wine cellar in Queensland, Australia, has evolved from a passion for natural materials. It has an Italian touch as manifested in its elegant beauty by using wood. This distinctive cellar is equipped with dining tables, living room amenities, spot and pin lights.

The Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar

A contemporary wine cellar in Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia designed by Wilson, this wine dock provides a wide area for showcasing a distinguished wine collection. It is equipped with a thermostatic control to ensure that aged beverages continue to mature in its most suitable condition. Wooden shelves and panels provide a warm appeal to the room.

Little Bay Wine Cellar

This cellar located in Sydney, Australia may have a traditional ambience but it has modern amenities. It has a classical design as seen in its wine racks and structure in general but it is equipped with a climate and temperature control system that protects stored wines from damage.

The Wave House

This ultra-chic wine cellar in Vancouver is situated on a slopped home and was constructed by using a combination of steel, glass and concrete. Its dominant feature is obviously on its floors that are designated as sand, sea, surf and sky, each if which are connected by a floating walnut staircase and an elevator hidden by a walnut panel. Swarovski crystals provide glamour and class to the cellar. It is also equipped with a contoured fireplace in addition to modern-day high end wine cellar features. This wine room’s exquisite features paved its ways to grace magazines in Vancouver.

Laurel Woods Bar

Located in Boston, this modern wine cellar takes pride in its regulated tropical ambiance by using bamboo. This is combined with glass and pendant lights with a grey-tiled floor. As noted, wine racks are made from wood and furniture that are striking with their rich red colours.

Orlando Wine Cellar

Los Angeles takes pride in this famous wine cellar because of its collection of red wine. It is adorned with brick walls which give this cellar a rustic touch. Recycled old crates make the floor and this gives the cellar a twist. It looks simple yet elegant as wood dominates the area.

Beck Residence

This wine cellar in Toronto is considered a must-see for tourists. It is a world-class wine cellar because of its wide deck and big black windows. A wide garage covered with glass provides a picturesque ambiance in addition to its stone-built cellar and walnut flooring. Its high-end features provide efficient wine aging mechanisms.

These modern wine cellars remain to be an envy of a lot of people but if you consider investing in the best wine cellar cooling units, you can also enjoy top quality wine storage in your home.