How To Choose The Best Wine Cellar Door

When it comes to wine cellar design, there are a few components that should form part of your consideration in order to complete the project. One of these components is your wine cellar door which is the key to the soul of your entire wine collection. Remember that everything inside that wine cellar of yours brings back memories of your first taste of wine or any other experience associated with it. Because of that, you have to pay particular attention to your ‘gateway’ to the wine cellar, that is, the wine cellar door. How do you choose one?

First, you have to be familiar with the door’s function

Wine Cellar Door

The door, apart from being the gateway to the cellar, is more particularly useful when it comes to protecting your precious wine collection. It protects your wine bottles and the wine’s quality by ensuring that your wines are stored within the required humidity and temperature. Not to forget, these doors are supposed to safeguard your ‘assets’ from intruders including the possibility of access from your young kids. With all these functions, you have to remember that your wine cellar door should always be well-thought of in the wine cellar design process.

Know the choices that you have when it comes to wine cellar door materials

One choice is wood and when it comes to wine cellar doors, you have stained wood choices ranging from pine to redwood to mahogany. When working with this material, you have the choice to simply have a plain door without any carvings on them or you can choose otherwise. It is also important to remember that if you get a stained wooden door then it should perfectly match the wine racks inside the wine cellar.

Another choice is glass. It will be quite tricky choosing this piece of material since you might presume you can just get any type of door. Well, it is crucial for you to choose a glass door that is airtight and thick enough to protect the entire wine collection. In this regard, you should opt for either thermal or insulated glass panel doors. It will also be best to make sure that it is at least double pane.

Amongst your other choices is the etched glass which is just a step higher than a plain standard glass door in that it comes with a specific design etched or carved on the glass. You can also choose to have an iron material which is often used to enhance either your wooden or glass doors. This can be mounted in front of a glass door. You can also choose to have the galvanised insulated metal door option as well.

The door frame should also be considered

It should be airtight enough and in order to ensure this, the wine cellar door must have a sweep found on its bottom and a weather stripping all around the frame. This brings us to reminding you never to get frameless wine cellar doors since they can just allow air to come inside your cellar thus increasing humidity inside it.

Choose a door size according to the dimensions outside the wine cellar

In a wine cellar design plan, it is but quite obvious that you will already have a provision for your wine cellar door. Therefore, when you have one constructed, you should consider the dimensions provided in that area or at least make sure that the door you choose to have fits in into that dimension.

You can of course add some personal touch into your wine cellar door. You can check your options by taking a peek at our pages and checking if you will get the wine cellar design of your dreams.