The Best And Worst Spots To Install A Wine Cabinet In Your Home

Gone were the days when you simply have to be troubled with how you can store your wine without compromising its quality. These days, you can even have a wine cabinet in your own homes which means you do not have to consume all the wine that is left over from a party. There are things to remember though when it comes to installing wine cabinets in your home. There are places where you should and should not install them.

The worst places for wine cabinet installation in your home

There are specific spots in the home where wine cabinets or wine coolers should not be installed. The first spot is where there is too much light – artificial or natural light included in the list. Electric lights can fade off the labels in your wine bottle. The same is true when you place the wine in a spot in your home where it can be directly hit by sunlight.

Additionally, if you are thinking of placing the cabinet in a part of your home where there is poor ventilation then think again. This factor, like the first one, can affect the taste and quality of the wine. You just have to remember however that depending on the type of cooler you are about to install, you can actually place it anywhere. In the case of built-in wine refrigerators that come with special ventilation systems, you can have it installed anywhere. It is a different case if you get freestanding wine coolers.

You should also not install wine cabinets where temperature fluctuation is usual. Remember that these temperature changes can affect the quality of the wine you are storing in them. Whether it is a few degrees off the ideal or some degrees more than what is required, wine deterioration will take place. It will always be best to keep the temperature constant at all times or you will end up throwing away your wine.

The best places to install wine coolers at home

Kitchen wine cabinets

Now that you have considered all the factors that can affect your wine’s quality, you are about ready to know the best places where you can install wine cabinets in your home. Amongst your choices are the following:

• Your wine cellar. If you have built a wine cellar in your home around a spot where there is proper ventilation, without direct exposure to light and with a constant temperature then it will be the most ideal spot to have your wine coolers installed. Wine cellars can accommodate small wine coolers that can be used for bottles that you are ready to serve to your guests.

• Your kitchen. Another great spot to install your wine cooler is your kitchen. The reason behind why most people love to have wine coolers in the kitchen is its accessibility when serving time comes. The good news is you can get wine coolers that can easily fit in your countertop thus defeating all the factors for the worst places to install wine cabinets.

• Just right next to your bar. A small wine cooler should ideally be placed in a location where you are to serve wine. If you have a bar in your home, then it will be good to have a small wine cooler near it.

• Other areas. You can also install your wine cabinet in the dining room, under the stairs, inside your basement, on the patio or porch or in the living room provided that there is no interference from sunlight and temperature changes and there is good ventilation on the spot.

Wine cabinets are great investments for those of you who love to taste and collect wine. You just have to fit them in a perfect location and they can definitely be a good addition to your home décor.