Choosing the Right Wine Cooling Unit for your Cellar

Having the right wine cooling system in your wine cellar is very important. The wine cooling unit ensures that the environment within your wine room stays nice and cool. Without proper temperature control your wine won’t age properly. Therefore, it’s important that you pick the right unit for your wine storage area. Here are two questions to ask before choosing a wine cooling unit.


How big is your Wine Room?

Figuring out the size of your wine cellaring area is the first step in choosing a cooling unit. The size of your storage area depends on several factors, including how big your wine collection is. However, it also depends on where you want to have your wine room. For example, if your wine cellar is upstairs it will most likely be smaller than if you place it downstairs in the basement. Make sure to determine the size in cubic feet.

Where is it Located?

A key factor of choosing the right unit is determining the location of the wine storage cellar. The location of the cellar will ultimately determine the type of cooling unit necessary. If there is an adjacent climate controlled room equal to the size of the wine cellar or larger this will allow for the most options. This means that you can use a ‘Through the Wall System’. There are many advantages of having a through the wall cooling system. However, there will be some heat and noise emanating from the back of the unit. If this might be an issue a ducted or split cooling system might be a better choice.

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