More Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Rosehill Wine Cellars

At Rosehill Wine Cellars we know that shopping for Father’s Day can be challenging, but if your Dad is a wine lover we have you covered! Gifts and wine storage is what we do best! Check out some great gift ideas below!

Wine Storage Fridge

This is a great gift idea, especially for a new wine collector! The Wine Cell’R WC-34 SSTS2 holds 34 wine bottles and has front venting. Therefore, it can be built in. The Wine Cell’R WC-38 SSDZBC is also a great option. The WC-38 wine storage cooler can store both wine and other beverages. With its double doors and front venting this beverage cooler would make a great gift for any wine lover!

Wine Pegs

Wine Peg Systems make for very exciting wine displays. With the right set up it can look like your wine collection is floating! These wine storage systems are great for gifting, because they’re so unique.

Wine Accessories

Wine accessories always make awesome gifts. Champagne Sabers make for especially exciting gifts. Using a Champagne Saber is a traditional way to open a bottle of sparkling wine. Just make sure the neck of the bottle is well chilled and the foil is completely removed, before you cut away the top portion of the bottle using the saber. Wine Decanters also make for good gifts.


If all else fails and you’re really stuck a Rosehill Wine Cellars Gift Certificate is a great fall back. This is an easy and thoughtful option, and you can even include a personal message making it ideal for any occasion including (of course) Father’s Day!

Make sure to check out Rosehill Wine Cellars for all of your wine storage and wine drinking needs!