Keeping your Wine Nice and Cold on a Hot Summer Day

On a hot summer day there’s nothing like a nice cold glass of wine! This is especially important if you’re throwing a garden party. There’s nothing worse than serving your wine at the wrong temperature. Here are a few quick tips from Rosehill Wine Cellars on how to keep your wine nice and cool.

The Perfect Wine Bucket

Having a reliable wine bucket at hand is very important! Wine Buckets are great for parties, because they ensure that you don’t have to keep running back to the fridge to grab the wine. Storing your wine in a bucket is also a good way to make sure that it doesn’t get warmed up sitting on the patio.

The ideal wine bucket is both stylish and dependable. At Rosehill Wine Cellars we have a lot of great wine serving buckets available. This bucket stores up to seven bottles and is designed with holes to ensure that the bottles stay in place. This makes them easy to grab and prevents them from slipping into the bucket. This bucket is also designed with double walls. Double walls keep your wine cold longer, and help stop condensation from forming on the outside of the bucket.

Use a Wine Cooling Sleeve

A cooling sleeve is another great way to keep your wine cool particularly when you’re travelling. The sleeve is especially handy for picnics! Simply wrap it around your bottle tightly and secure the Velcro strap. You can also store it easily in the freezer.


Use Ice Water

If you have to keep your wine chilled for long periods of time mix your ice with cold water. This will increase the contact with the wine bottle. To go one step further make your ice cubes with salted water. The salt will lower the freezing point making sure your bottles stay extra chilly for longer! And if it’s really hot outside chill your reds slightly to make sure they aren’t too warm for serving.

Make sure to check out Rosehill Wine Cellars for all of your wine storage and wine drinking needs!