The EuroCave Advantage

Having a EuroCave Wine Cabinet is the perfect way to store your wine if you’re interested in long term aging. This is a wine cabinet that’s made to last 20 to 30 years making it the ideal investment and home for your wine collection! Manufactured in France, EuroCave has over 40 years of experience maturing, storing and serving your wine.

The Unbeatable VES System

There are many advantages to owning a EurcoCave Wine Fridge. EuroCave is built with a powerful anti-vibration barrier designed to withstand vibrations, and offer maximum stability for your wine collection. The compressor is separate from the unit itself, and is located on high performance silent blocks in order to avoid any vibration transmission. In addition, the shelves aren’t in contact with the back wall, and the evaporator is embedded in polyurethane foam. There’s also no need to worry about uneven floor boards, because the unit has individually adjustable feet!

The Shelf

The shelves are designed to absorb shock and limit any residual vibrations. EuroCave is famous for its ‘Main du Sommelier’ wine bottle support system, designed to hold 375 mL and 750 mL wine bottles comfortably allowing for stability and air circulation. The ‘Main du Sommelier’ is built with a coating on the shell that will absorb any remaining vibrations. The Revelation Series has a new generation of sliding shelves designed with a soft-close system that offers even more protection for your bottles. This additional protection is also built as an option for the Pure Series.

Other Perks

The walls are made with embossed aluminum. Aluminum is a better conductor. Therefore, there’s a better distribution of temperature inside the unit. This design also retains humidity, and prevents the water from flowing too rapidly down the walls and out the back draining tank. Retaining humidity is very important. Fortunately, EuroCave Wine Storage Cabinets are great for retaining humidity!

Most of the units are also built with a fan. The fan turns on automatically when the door is shut. This allows for air circulation and minimizes temperature variation. The only models that don’t have a fan are the Premiere Cabinets and the Tete a Tete Model.

The glass door is designed to be UV resistant. In addition, the door offers insulation that goes above and beyond other brands. EuroCave’s Premiere, Pure and Revelation Cabinets use low emissivity treated technical glass for their doors with Argon gas between the two panes.

The Alarm

The EuroCave alarm is made to warn you about any impending doom that might damage your wine. The alarm will sound if the humidity level falls below 50%, the door stays ajar, the temperature falls 4°C below or above the selected temperature, or if there’s a defect in the temperature sensor. For select models there’s also an alarm to warn you if the charcoal filter needs changing.

For the Premiere Series there’s a temperature alarm that is both audible and visual. This is useful in case you have a solid door.

The Warranty

EuroCave is built to last but in case there’s a problem the units come with an unbeatable warranty! The compressor as well as parts and labor are covered for 5 years while any corrosion is covered for 10 years. For the Revelation Series there’s a 5 year warranty for parts and labor on the entire unit and 10 years for corrosion.

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