Custom Cabinets for Wine Storage

Finding the perfect way to store your wine collection can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the space for a full wine cellar. However, here at Rosehill Wine Cellars we can also build you a custom wine storage cabinet! Custom made wine cabinets can be designed for any space in any style. Therefore, there’s a lot of flexibility in the size and overall look of the storage cabinet. Here are some great examples of custom wine cabinets from Rosehill Wine Cellars.

Wine Cabinet with Modern Peg System

This contemporary wine storage area is designed with modern wine pegs to create an exciting wine storage space. Elegantly made, it features a custom design with glass doors and a back lit wall. It can hold up to 100 wine bottles and is ideally suited for any entertainment area. This unit is cooled with a WhisperKool ceiling mount split cooling system.


A More Classic Wine Cabinet

If you’re hoping for something more classic this wine cabinet might be more your taste. This cabinet also holds more wine and has a hidden wine fridge for added storage. A cabinet like this can also incorporate multiple types of wine racks, including standard wine racks, presentation racks, and diamond bins for easy storage.


Location is Everything

Even if you don’t have a lot of space you can always find an area for your wine! This wine storage cabinet is nicely tucked away, but still features tons of space for your wine collection. Built in a classic style this cabinet features two double doors, presentation racks, standard wine racks, as well as diamond wine storage racks. What more could you want?!


Make sure to check out Rosehill Wine Cellars for more custom wine cabinets, and all of your wine storage and wine drinking needs!