Wine Cocktails for Summer

Summer is here! And nothing pairs better with a hot summer day than a little bit of wine! Wine cocktails are great, especially if you’re throwing a barbecue with some friends. Here are some exciting wine cocktails to try this summer from Rosehill Wine Cellars.


Sangria is the perfect drink to serve at a summer barbecue! It’s a great way to use up cheap wine and can be made with both red and white. There are many great sangria recipes. But if you want to keep things simple just take your favourite cheap wine, and add some slices of orange, lemon and lime. Finally top it off with some orange juice and soda water.

Wine Spritzer

Making wine spritzers is even easier than making sangria. All you need is a bottle of wine, a little bit of mint, sliced lime, and soda water! This is a nice and refreshing drink that is sure to keep you hydrated!

Mimosa Slushy

This drink is perfect for any outdoor summer brunch! Simply blend together some ice, your favourite sparkling, and some orange juice. This is a super tasty variation on the standard mimosa.

Summer Time Bellini

If you have loads of fresh fruit, blend them in a blender with some ice, and pour the mixture into Champagne flutes until about half full. And for a little bit of sparkle add some Prosecco! This is a great drink for peach season!


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