The Colares-Cork-Racking Correlation

Racking ensures the corks remain wet.

Wine racking contributes to proper wine maturation.

Portugal’s Colares is a rare wine with an extraordinary derivation, in that the ancient vineyards grow in sand. The way this fine wine’s cork is chosen and whether it has proper racking are paramount to the ultimate finish.

The Science of a Wine Cork

Fine wines such as Colares are stored in bottles with a cork because oxidation is an essential component of maturation. The glass bottle doesn’t allow any air in, but the cork does. Natural cork closures replaced wooden plugs and oiled rags about 250 years ago, and thus began the art of aging wine. Synthetic corks are now often used. Advantages of using synthetic corks include:

  • The elimination of potential tainting,
  • Consistency of the transmission of oxygen, and
  • The ability to increase the level of oxygen that enters the wine bottle.

It is essential for any wine connoisseur to understand that only natural cork is proven effective for long-term aging. Therefore, a synthetic cork is unthinkable for a wine such as Colares.

Racking and Corks

Wine racking is available in many attractive styles, but aesthetics should not be the only consideration. Racking can be vertical or horizontal. Vertical wine racks are only suitable for wines intended to be consumed young after short-term storage. If wine meant for maturation is stored vertically, the cork will first dry out and then will eventually shrink. A shrunken and/or dry cork results in ruined wine – quite a tragedy with rare vintages.

The slight angle of horizontal racking ensures that the cork remains saturated and solid.

Rosehill Wine Cellars wooden wine racks are built to preference. Wine racks can add elegance, old-world charm, or whimsy to any type of wine storage. Racking can be wood, metal, small, large, inexpensive, or luxurious. Our high quality wine cellars ensure that the racks, humidity, and temperature are optimal for successful long-term storage of Colares and, of course, all fine wines.