4 Essential Points About Wine Racking

Is a walnut wine racking cabinet right for you?

Quality wood is ideal for custom wine racking.

Has your love of wine led to a bit of a storage dilemma? If you are in the market for a wine rack, there are four essential things you should know.

1 – Not all wine racks are meant for a wine cellar. Choosing a wine rack starts with identifying the purpose. Specialty wine racks include hanging units that hold several bottles and tables with built-in wine racks. These types of racks are generally used for storage of wines that are ready for immediate consumption. Only about 2 percent of wines sold today are meant to be aged in ideal wine cellar conditions. Wine cellar construction is what we do at Rosehill Wine Cellars. We have a wide variety of wine racks that are ideal for collections of every size, and we also build custom wine racking.

2 – Wine bottles don’t always fit standard wine racking. There are many types of wine racks, and some are rather unforgiving if a bottle is larger than the standard size. Magnum bottles, for instance, need more than the standard amount of space allotted for wines; they have a capacity of 1.5 L. An interesting side note: Wine bottle sizes have traditionally been named for Biblical kings. This is fitting, for wine to be connected to some of the world’s oldest surviving documents. The standard size for wine bottles is 750 ml. The Jeroboam wine bottle holds the equivalent of six standard wine bottles. If this type of bottle may be added to your collection, you’ll need wine racking to accommodate the size. For wine bottles of varying dimensions, custom-made wine racks are ideal.

3 – Wine racks can include bins for wood cases. Your wine collection may include decorative cases of wine. This is a common practice among wine collectors. Wine racks are available with storage bins especially for wooden cases. Consider whether decorative cases may become part of your wine collection, and be sure your choice of wine racks can attractively accommodate your wooden cases.

4 – Wood wine racks can be a risky investment. Wine racks are made with many different kinds of material. Although most are likely made with wood, it’s best to proceed with caution when buying a wooden wine rack. If you buy racks built with inferior wood, be aware that they are prone to fall apart. Wooden racks are made with redwood, mahogany, maple, walnut and many other wood species.Be sure the wooden wine rack you choose is strong and durable enough to store heavy wine bottles.

Life is too short to go without wine. When you’re ready to store and display wine on racks, be sure the wine racking you choose is the ideal fit for your wine storage needs.