Cabernet Sauvignon: Best from Wine Cellar to Dining Table

California Cabernet Sauvignon is in steakhouse wine cellars

Cabernet Sauvignon is an excellent wine for your wine cellar and dinner table.

Not every type of wine grows better as it ages in a wine cellar, but a Cabernet Sauvignon is one that does. Not every wine is recommended to be enjoyed with food, but Cabernet Sauvignon is. If you enjoy wine and would like to be a connoisseur, getting to know this popular variety is an important step in the right direction.

The Origins of Cabernet Sauvignon

The story is told that Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were born from an accidental breeding of two plants. In southwestern France in the seventeenth century, a white Sauvignon Blanc grape plant and red Cabernet Franc grape plant were cross-bred to wonderful effect. The newborn Cabernet Sauvignon red grape vines became known for hearty resistance to the elements. The grapes themselves have durable, thick skin. The region of Bordeaux was eventually identified as the best place to grow the flavorful grapes, but at one time it was the grape plant most widely planted across the world.

Flavor Qualities of Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes

Cabernet Sauvignon grapes have what winemakers describe as “a healthy level of tannins.” This quality is what especially influences this grape wine’s suitability to evolve over many years in a wine cellar. Storage in oak was discovered to bring out beautiful flavors in the grapes. The medium level of acidity is what makes the full-bodied wine sumptuous for drinking with a meal. The many desirable qualities of Cabernet Sauvignon led to more blending with other plants. Eventually the dry red wine became part of the Bordeaux blend, which is the most famous and one of the most coveted on the planet. Merlot is the other part of the Bordeaux blend.

The Famous California Cabernet Sauvignon

From the beginning, Cabernet Sauvignon wine has been a success. A major event occurred in 1976 that created new avenues for the wine. A blind taste test was done in the 1976 Judgement of Paris. A Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon from Stags’ Leap was chosen over the leading Bordeaux Chateaus. This revelation became the launch of a new global trend that continues today. California Cabernet Sauvignon is the wine most frequently retrieved from the wine cellars in steakhouses everywhere.

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