Impact of Climate and Cooling Units on Wine Flavor

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Wine cellar cooling units impact wines, similar to climate in viticulture.

Climate is arguably the most critical factor, as regards environmental aspects of viticulture. Likewise, proper storage temperature is essential for fine wines. Wine cellar cooling units from reliable manufacturers ensure the optimum enjoyment of perfectly aged wine. Conditions in the wine cellar are no less important than the atmosphere which envelopes ripening fruit.


The many environmental and cultural influences that culminate with the unique traits of a wine is a concept known as “terroir.” The core of terroir amounts to the climate, soil, and grape varieties in a region. Terroir is perplexing and not altogether accepted. Still, the concept is entrenched in the thoughts and expressions of winemakers, journalists, and instructors on the topic of wine.


Terroir lacks concrete scientific authentication, but the climate component has proven validity. Among wine drinkers, wine styles are identifiable according to the climate in which the grapes were grown. For instance, the following are consistent attributes of wine made with grapes grown in cool climates:

  • More subtle
  • Lower alcohol content
  • Light body
  • Bright fruit flavors
  • Crisp acidity

Wine made with grapes grown in hot climates tend to have the following qualities:

  • Bolder taste
  • Soft acidity
  • Fuller body
  • Lush fruit flavors
  • Higher alcohol

Differences in soil or geology, on the other hand, have not produced such broad distinctions.

Weather and the Vine

There are numerous climates and regions in which grapes are grown. The vintage in every region is entirely unique. One thing all growers would agree upon is that eliminating weather extremes would be ideal. In addition to disease, the most dreaded conditions in vineyards include heat waves, hail, and frost. Even wide swings in temperature are considered troublesome. Variations in weather ultimately influence the particular nuances of each wine.

Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Once the grapes have been harvested and wine has been bottled, the final component of temperature is in storage. Top manufacturers of wine cellar cooling units specialize in establishing the perfect environment for fines wines in their final stages. Frost on the vine can be disaster for grapes. Storing wine at optimal temperatures can have divine results.

Part of the beauty of wine is the delicacy of flavor that is impacted by numerous factors, most of all climate and temperature. To ensure that you’ve created the flawless atmosphere for fine wines, contact us at Rosehill Wine Cellars. We offer premier, custom wine cellars as well as wine cellar cooling units from top manufacturers.