Qualities of an Amateur Wine Collector

Wine storage

Wine collecting involves many components, and custom racking may be a favorite.

Particular qualities a person may possess could point to wine collecting as a recommended hobby. Poet Oliver Goldsmith said, “I love everything that’s old, – old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wine.” He may have had the inner workings of a wine collector. There are many facets to the hobby, and love of perfectly matured wine is perhaps the crucial factor. Feeling excitement about the many possibilities for custom racking may be another.


The three major practicalities to the question of being an amateur wine collector are that a person should possess:

  1. Some disposable income,
  2. Space for wine storage, and
  3. A workable knowledge of wine.

The cost of wine for collections varies greatly so that, with planning, virtually anyone who knows how to be frugal could be a collector on some scale. Knowledge about wine is important partly because you could otherwise end up paying far more than a bottle is worth. The amount of space needed for wine storage is dependent on the size of your collection. Although elegant custom racking may not be necessary, proper storage temperatures are. Wherever a wine collection is stored, it is essential that the temperature be conducive to proper storage.

Facets of Wine Collecting

The person who loves the feel of an excellent wine on the pallet is a great candidate for amateur wine collecting. There are many other components of this hobby that could be as much a pleasure. An individual’s delight in cataloging, filing, and painstaking record-keeping is perfectly joined with amateur wine collecting. The following are some basic steps involved with taking oenophilia to the next phase:

  • A wine collector must be careful about keeping track of wine bottles in storage. At a minimum, know how many bottles you have and where each bottle is.
  • A calendar should be kept meticulously so that you know when wines peak and how long they last, at most.
  • Love of doing research is a great quality that is likely necessary in a collector. By studying about the world’s wines, you can learn what makes a bottle or case of wine a wise investment.
  • Organization is probably a must for a wine collector. For the hobby to be done right, every scrap of paper associated with a wine purchase needs to be kept and retrievable. Documentation includes, for example, original auction text, who the wine was purchased from, and an exhaustive description of the bottle.
  • If an element of décor that you would not want to do without is the look of custom racking, you may have what it takes to be an amateur wine collector.

Whether you are an aficionado, a connoisseur, or a person who is new to the delights of fine wine, wine collecting may be something you would truly enjoy. If you decide to begin a collection, be sure to find the storage and custom racking that’s perfect for you at Rosehill Wine Cellars. We absolutely love what we do and it would be our pleasure to help you take your love of wine to the next level.