4 Trusted Wine Cooling Unit Manufacturers et al.

CellarCOOL: Through the Wall Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Cooling units are critical components of a wine cellar.

The most complex and interesting wine grapes typically grow on vines that have a stressed environment in which there is a struggle to get proper nutrients and water. The best wines go through painstaking processes, such as temporary storage in oak barrels; even barrels from different regions make a difference in the ultimate flavor profile of the wine. Makers of fine wine deserve respect for the start-to-finish venture of winemaking. Wine that ends up in a cellar needs a proper and unstressed environment, so that all the flavor carefully bottled isn’t spoiled. At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we appreciate that there are fine cooling units that can be depended upon to protect the environment in the wine cellars we devotedly build. The following is information about four leading wine cellar cooling unit manufacturers, and three more will be featured in our next post.

Wine Guardian

Wine Guardian is a leading manufacturer of cooling units. Their stated goal in designing their products is to replicate the conditions in underground caves, where wines were stored in centuries past. Many collectors across the world trust their wine investments to Wine Guardian’s cooling units. With precision, they control humidity as well as temperature. Other benefits are that their units are energy efficient and are said to be the quietest. Units are available for small home cellars, expansive commercial wine cellars, and all sizes in between.


Another manufacturer with a devotion to providing wine cellar cooling systems of the highest quality is WhisperKOOL. Their product line has expanded through the years and now has higher capacity wine cellar cooling systems designed for wine cellars that are larger and pose special challenges. They have, for instance, a split system with multiple ducting options.


CellarPro is a manufacturer in the U.S. that started out building cabinets for oenophiles. They found that they couldn’t find the precise kind of refrigeration system that suited their expectations. Hence, in 2008, they began designing and building wine cooling units themselves. Located in Sonoma’s wine country, CellarPro is in partnership with numerous restaurants, wineries, and homeowners to provide custom wine storage solutions.


CellarCool wine cooling systems are made in the USA, and they have been manufacturing for the wine industry for more than two decades. They have a national network of contractors qualified to provide needed support. Their systems are rigorously tested for quality control. CellarCool cooling unit manufacturers consider customer satisfaction the benchmark of their success in the industry.

At Rosehill Wine Cellars, it is our goal to build the best custom wine cellars in the world. We are glad that there are many different manufacturers providing reliable wine cooling units. After all, our wine cellars work in conjunction with wine cooling systems to create the perfect environment for fine wine collections.