Chateau Margaux, for Cellars with Proper Cooling Units

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Store Chateau Margaux in a wine cellar with reliable cooling units.

Wine can be absolutely inspirational, as with Chateau Margaux. It was the wine that stirred at least one renowned wine connoisseur to become serious about wine collecting. No doubt, the vintage Peter Keller retrieved from his basement had been stored at the right temperatures using a reliable wine cooling unit. Otherwise, the impression made by the aged French wine would not have had such impact.

From Royal Estate to Amazing Wine

Chateau Margaux is an estate in France that was used exclusively by royalty in the 12th century. The property changed hands through the centuries and grew grain until 1572, when owner Pierre de Lestonnac restructured the property for production of Bordeaux wine. The d’Auledes family is credited with fully developing the estate’s vineyards before the dawn of the 17th century.

One-third of the estate was allotted for growing grapes for the purpose of producing Bordeaux wine. There has been virtually no change since 1680. Chateau Margaux had 75 hectares of vines as of that year, and today there are 80 planted hectares, as it was centuries ago.

The quality of the wine is amazing, and it remains the only Bordeaux wine named for the estate where it is grown. The blending of harmony, finesse, elegance, and purity of fruit combined with rich, full-bodied flavors that include scents of violets and truffles describe the experience on the pallet. Since 1900, at least 23 vintages have been described as the best of Chateau Margaux, which is a mark of incredible consistency. Since the history of the estate, the 2015 vintage has been described as the very best.

Historical Moments

For hundreds of years, Chateau Margaux has been a favorite among wealthy oenophiles. The first sale of the best Bordeaux wines in the London Gazette occurred in 1705 and included 230 barrels of Chateau Margaux, referred to as “Margoose.” The first Bordeaux wine listed in a Christie’s catalog was Chateau Margaux 1771. A U.S. Ambassador to France, Thomas Jefferson, wrote of 1784 Chateau Margaux, saying that, in essence, a better bottle of Bordeaux wine does not exist.

Wine Cellars of Chateau Margaux

The wine cellars used today at Chateau Margaux were built by architect Louis Combes in 1810, after the estate had been confiscated during the French Revolution. The cellars were modernized, however, which was a task completed in 1982. Massive renovation of Chateau Margaux cellars were completed last year. This was considered the first substantial modernization of the estate’s famous cellars since the original estate cellars were built in 1810. A fact which we appreciate at Rosehill Wine Cellars, the new cellars include the finest wine cooling units. Proper storage is essential. The top vintages of Chateau Margaux and other fine wines can evolve and age for five decades or more.