Bordeaux: Optimal Storage and Decanting

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After proper storage with wine cooling units, decanting wine before drinking is recommended.

Bordeaux wines age slowly and often reach their peak decades after being bottled. Optimal taste, even then, can only be experienced if there has been proper wine storage, including temperature control with wine storage cooling units by Wine Guardian or another manufacturer of specialized equipment for wine cellars. The tannins in young Bordeaux are often considered overpowering, which can interfere with enjoyment of the other flavors and aromas. Until a certain amount of aging occurs, Bordeaux may seem out of balance. The amount of time it takes for a particular vintage to reach its peak depends upon the structure of the wine, such as acidity and tannins, and storage conditions.

Proper Storage of Bordeaux Wines

There are three essential factors that must be properly addressed to achieve optimal storage conditions for fine wines such as Bordeaux: Temperature, light, and humidity. Wine cooling units by reputable manufacturers can be depended upon to maintain temperature and humidity at proper levels. The temperature should be at about 55 degrees with minimal fluctuation. Humidity affects longevity, increasing it in wines if humidity exceeds 70 percent. A wine cellar is an excellent place to store wine because it provides protection from UV rays, which can harm wine. An added factor that can adversely affect the taste of Bordeaux wine is vibration. What happens is that sediment can be re-introduced to the wine through even the smallest ongoing movements. Wine cooling units have built-in features that protect wine by preventing discernible vibrations.

Decanting Younger Bordeaux Wines

Bordeaux wines benefit from an aeration process when decanted. Pour younger wines into a glass reservoir, which instantly exposes the wine to oxygen in massive amounts. This allows the wine to breathe, evolve, and reveal more of its depth of flavor. Young wines that are especially complex, like Bordeaux wines, can decant for 8 hours and much more as necessary. There is no rule about the length of time wine should be decanted. It’s a matter of vintage and taste. Wine connoisseurs enjoy tasting decanted wine every hour, to see how the aromas and flavors evolve.

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