Combat Damaging Effects of Heat with a Wine Cooling Unit

Breezaire Wine Cooling Unit

Wine cooling units are important because they protect wine from being ruined by heat.

Wine must be maintained at certain cool temperatures, to avoid the damage caused by heat. Wine cooling units serve important functions, including keeping the temperature of wines in storage at the correct levels. Although damage caused by heat is not necessarily instant, it is permanent, when it occurs. Even when you live in mild temperatures, it’s best to entrust fine wines to reliable wine cooling units, such as those made by trusted manufacturers, including WhisperKOOL, Wine Guardian, Breezaire, and CellarPro.

How heat damages wine

The effect that heat has on wine is unfortunate, which is why it is essential to protect wine from the moment of purchase until it is placed in a secure storage area that will maintain appropriate temperatures. When a bottle of wine, even the finest wine, is exposed to prolonged heat, the wine is ruined. It will smell a bit sweet and jammy, similar to a wine reduction sauce. The aroma of wine spoiled by heat is nutty and similar to roasted sugar. The seal of the wine bottle can be spoiled, as well, because the heated air creates expansion that pushes out the cork. This adds the additional issue of oxidization.

What happens to wine to cause these unpleasant results? The tannins in wine become more pronounced, causing the wine to take on a tangy flavor. A smooth mouthfeel is replaced with a roughness and a one-note taste. The fruitiness takes a backseat to a nasty taste of acidity.

How hot is too hot for wine?

Prolonged heat beginning at 70 degrees can result in damage to wine. Occasion spikes in temperature may not do harm, as long as they are rare and brief. It is a risk to store wine without the benefit of a wine cooling unit. For instance, you may live in a mild climate and decide to store your wine on a rack away from sunlight. All it would take is a single unseasonably warm day to damage your wine.

What do wine cooling units do?

Not only do wine cooling units keep temperatures at the correct levels for optimal wine storage, but they also keep humidity at appropriate levels. Without sufficient humidity, the wine will be ruined by oxidation because the corks shrink over time. Whether you need a wine cooling unit for a cellar or whether you need a wine refrigeration unit, you can trust any of the manufacturers we work with at Rosehill Wine Cellars. We are proud to recommend any and all of the brands on our website, including koolr, Wine Guardian, and CellarCOOL.

One of the first things new wine collectors need to understand is the importance of keeping wine cool in the journey from the place of purchase to the home wine cooling unit.