From the Sandy Soil to Custom Wine Cabinet

Rose Hill Wine Cellar Display

A custom wine cabinet from Rosehill Wine Cellars is perfect for wine with grapes originating in sandy soil.

At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we appreciate wine stories. Every wine happens to have its beginning in soil conducive to making certain types of wine grapes. It is our pleasure to build custom wine cabinets so that as fine wines are aging to perfection, they are handsomely and properly situated.

Soils for Wine Grapes Differ

Soil is a favorite topic among wine lovers. Not every region is good for growing wine grapes. On the other hand, some parts of the world have ideal conditions for vineyards. It is generally true that the greater the struggle for a grapevine, the better the grapes for winemaking.

Delving into the issue of soil is very much a geological venture. Tuscany, Italy, is widely known as a wine-growing region. Terroir is a wine term all oenophiles should be familiar with. The combined role of climate, geology, and culture is terroir, and Tuscany has the right terroir. There are different sub-soils in Tuscany, making it an excellent region for individual grape varieties. Some areas have ore clay and alluvial deposits. ”Alluvial” is a combination of sand, gravel, clay, and silt that has formed over time as a result of mineral deposits left by running water. Tuscany also has sandy sub-soils.

Wine from Sandy Soils

An interesting thing about soil is that it has a distinct effect on the grapes that are grown. Sandy soils retain heat and are well-drained. These soils make wines that have less color and are lighter in tannin and acidity. Wines derived from grapes grown in sandy soils are elegant with high aromatics. One of the benefits of this type of soil is that there is better resistance to pests, and this encourages more organic production.

Among the noted wines that come from sandy soils are Cabernet Sauvignon, Cannubi, and Zinfandel.

From the Start to the Finish

Ultimately, wines best for aging end up in wine cellars. Whatever type of soil the wine grapes started out in, it is a nice journey when the wine produced from those grapes ends up in custom wine cabinets built by Rosehill Wine Cellars. We are as passionate about creating the right atmosphere for wine collectors as vintners are about terroir, including soil type.