To Good Health! Red or White in the Wine Cellar?

Wine Glasses

There are health benefits to be gained from drinking red wines and white wines.

If you are a wine lover going on a health kick, which type of wine should you stock in your wine cellar? One glass of wine equals 5 ounces of nectar produced from grape vineyards. The following is health information to help you choose between red or white wine varieties.

Red or White for Good Health!

If you are counting calories, the good news is that whether you prefer to drink red wine or whether you prefer white wine, the calorie intake is virtually the same. A glass of red wine is about 125 calories; white wine is 121 calories. Counting carb intake? The same 3.8g of carbs are contained in red and white wine. When it comes to bone-building benefits, red and white wines both have the same 1% of the daily recommended intake of calcium. These are the only categories in which the two primary varieties of wine are neck-and-neck on health-related issues.

In the Red Wine Column

There’s no hiding the fact that the only advantage in health that white wines have over red is that they have about 4 fewer calories per glass. In all other areas of comparison in which they aren’t equal, red wines have the advantage. The following are health-related reasons Rosehill Wine Cellars recommends you choose red wine over white for your wine cellar:

  • Red wine is more heart-healthy because it contains less natural sugar, at 0.9g for red wine and 1.4g for white.
  • Red wine contains 4% of daily recommended iron and white wine contains 2%.
  • Red wine contains 5% of needed magnesium and white wine contains 4%.
  • You get 3.4% of needed phosphorus with red wine and with white wine, you get 2.6%.
  • Potassium is good for your health; red wine contains 5% and white wine contains 3%.

More Wine Health Facts

Research has found that red wine helps to prevent blood vessel damage and reduces LDL cholesterol. Red wine is also high in two components that help to fight cancer: Resveratrol and cardio-protective polyphenols. White wine helps to keep lung tissues healthy.

Recommendations from a Horticulturalist

A professor emeritus with a PhD from Cornell University recommends Pinot noirs for cancer-preventative wine drinking. In addition, for more benefits derived from antioxidants, drink merlots, Syrahs, Madiran wines, and cabernets.

Whether you are drinking for your health or for the pure pleasure only wine can bring, the best way to protect wine is with wine storage from Rosehill Wine Cellars. Cheers!