Visit Wine Vineyards in Fall or Anytime

Grapes grown for wine come in many varieties.

A winery is part vineyard and part wine making. Bring some kind of wine storage for your visits.

Any time of year is a good time to visit a vineyard, but a favorite season for many is autumn, during fall harvest and crush. The air is crispy and full of excitement. Do you have your heart set on face time with vintners? If so, fall is probably the worst season to tour wine country because of all the activity and demands of harvest season. Pack something for proper wine storage as you visit the wine region of your choice. What is needed for transporting wine properly depends on the season and the climate where you’re traveling.

Relax and Enjoy

Are you planning your first ever trip to a wine region? The first thing you need to know, besides that you should have a designated driver, is that it’s okay to simply relax and plan to enjoy the experience. You don’t need to be a savvy wine connoisseur or a sommelier to enjoy wine tours. Go by bike, car, bus, helicopter, or train to wine country and you will be glad you did.

What to Expect

There are different ways to enjoy a particular winery. If one of your goals is to visit as many wineries as possible in one day, plan to spend about one hour minimum at each one. If you are looking forward to a more leisurely experience, choose wineries that are known for their beauty. Keep in mind that reservations are required for some wineries. The number of visitors allowed on the grounds at once is sometimes limited. This often means you can look forward to a more serene atmosphere. Keep in mind that buses often roll in at wineries with no such limitations.

Maximize the Experience of Visiting a Winery

When you seek out vineyards that are off the beaten path, you can usually look forward to a more intimate setting and a more enjoyable overall experience. Examples of such wine regions include Loire Valley in France, Willamette Valley in Oregon, California’s Paso Robles, and the Finger Lakes of New York.

Be sure to take the tour, as opposed to simply enjoying wine tastings. By taking the tour at a winery, you learn a lot of details about how wine is made and why specific wines have certain nuances of taste.

Wine Storage

Bring along a box for wine storage, and a Styrofoam wine carrier available from shipping stores is recommended.

At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we construct top quality wine cellars and offer other reliable products for wine storage needed once you get your wine home.