How WhisperKOOL Protects Your Wine

Whisperkool SC 2000i cooling unit

WhisperKOOL provides optimal storage for wine

Proper wine storage is important because it protects wine from being spoiled. Particular care goes into ensuring that wine is able to age at an optimal speed in conditions that don’t disrupt the process. This is an issue that inspires homeowners and businesses to contact us at Rosehill Wine Cellars for a custom wine storage facility. No wine cellar is complete without a wine cellar cooling system, and WhisperKOOL is among the best manufacturers of wine coolers.

Temperature Stability and Humidity

An everyday kitchen refrigerator doesn’t provide the right environment for long-term wine storage. The key differences between a conventional refrigerator and a wine cellar cooling unit like WhisperKOOL are humidity, temperature, and vibration.

A regular fridge is designed to eliminate humidity and provide rapid temperature drops. In contrast, a wine cellar cooling unit maintains a lower temperature that is gradual and is designed to maintain a humidity level that is optimal for wine storage. Without humidity, corks can dry out. This is true, even if the wine is in contact with the cork. Arid conditions on the other side of the cork can prematurely age wine because it can compromise the seal. Without the seal, if wine is in a refrigerator, other odors within the fridge can seep into the wine and spoil the aromas and flavors. There are times when the seal is maintained but the cork eventually crumbles. This can mean that you end up with cork particles in your wine that are difficult to extract. In a standard refrigerator, lack of humidity creates a poor environment for aging wine.


WhisperKOOL wine cooling systems have vibration absorption systems to ensure that wine is stored in a stable environment. There are differing opinions about the effects of vibrations as caused by appliances. Some would say that you would need to live close to a train track, or something of that nature, for vibration to damage your wine.

The problem with vibration is it can agitate the wine and reintroduce the wine’s sediment. Agitation can speed up the chemical reactions taking place in the wine bottle. Vibration is, in essence, energy in the bottle. It is debatable how much vibration hurts the wine but it certainly has no benefits.

More about WhisperKOOL Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

WhisperKOOL units are available in a variety of sizes and styles so that you can choose the one to ideally fit your wine storage space. Anyone who lives in a climate that has extreme weather conditions can benefit from the WhisperKOOL Extreme Series, which can handle temperatures that range from 32° F to 100° F. Split systems are also available, and these provide the option of mounting the condenser unit indoors or outdoors.

It’s impossible for wine collectors to be successful without a reliable wine cooling unit. You can’t go wrong with WhisperKOOL. Other reliable wine cooling systems include  Cellar Pro, Wine Guardian, Koolspace, Breezaire, and more.