CellarPro Cooling Units are Ideal for Wine Cabinets and Wine Cellars

Wine Cooling units

Whatever the size of your wine storage, CellarPro has a reliable cooling unit to fit your needs.

At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we can’t help but appreciate CellarPro and other top manufacturers for providing reliable products for optimal wine storage. There are technical reasons to appreciate something as seemingly unromantic as a cooling unit. We actually find it rather exciting that our clients, all of whom are wine lovers, can be sure that their CellarPro cooling unit will protect their investments. The standard 5-year warranty offered by CellarPro is the industry’s most thorough, protecting against any potential defects in manufacturing.

CellarPro Model 1800QT

A wine cooling unit is available to fit any needs. The CellarPro 18090QT is ideal, for example, when installed through the wall in indoor residential wine cellars of up to 200 cubic feet. This cooling unit is vibration-free and ultra-quiet. Every CellarPro cooling unit is equipped with an electronic thermostat and a digital LED display, which allows you to set the precise temperature you desire for your wine cabinet. An adjustable humidity control is included, making it easy to maintain optimal humidity of up to 70%. No need to worry about ice build-up, since there is an automatic defrost. A quick-chill mode is included on the digital controls, in addition to a convenient energy saver. The unit includes an indicator that lets you know when maintenance is needed. Visual and audible alarms help to ensure that your wine collection is safe. Options and modifications include:

  • The vent exhaust on your wine cooling unit can be configured for top or rear.
  • The 16-gauge grounded power cord is 8 feet long and can be routed to exit to the left side of the cooling unit, which is perfect when the power outlet is inside the cellar.
  • There are no coils to clean with this wine cooling unit. Anytime the filter becomes dirty, pull out the frame and replace the filter with a clean one. The fiber orientation and graduated density of the filter capture particles and dust more efficiently than other synthetic filters.

CellarPro 8200 series Cooling Units

CellarPro also offers wine cooling units suitable for large wine cellars. The CellarPro 8200VSx Cooling Unit, for example, can provide optimal wine storage temperatures for residential and commercial wine cellars of up to 2,200 cubic feet. Conditions outside can get up 115°F, and this unit has proven in performance testing to maintain optimal humidity and temperature conditions more effectively than similar units from other manufacturers. This product has all features needed to protect the investment of any wine collector.

At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we custom build wine cellars and wine cabinets. We rely on manufacturers such as CellarPro to ensure proper temperature and humidity, and we appreciate their reliability.