Humid like a European Cave in your Wine Storage

Whisperkool, Breezaire, and Wine Guardian keep wine storage humidity levels right.

Reliable cooling units keep humidity at the right temperature for wine.

Wine drinking is a very certain kind of pleasure that goes well beyond getting a buzz from the alcohol. Wine is like a high-maintenance woman who is worth the hassle. One nitpicky aspect of wine is that proper storage includes a level of humidity that is just so. The perfect humidity is found in underground European caves, where the aging of fine wines first occurred. Such humidity levels are replicated with wine coolers and wine storage equipment from dedicated manufacturers. At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we rely on a number of manufacturers to provide the optimal level of humidity for wine so that it doesn’t lose its gorgeous flavor and aroma. Top manufacturers of cooling units with humidifiers designed to provide the correct level for wine include Breezaire, WhisperKool, and Wine Guardian.

Too Much Humidity in Wine Storage

Things happen when humidity is turned up and not just that it wrecks a woman’s carefully arranged coif. Of course, there’s no hair to muss in a wine cellar, but what does happen is not good for the wine. The ideal relative humidity levels for wine cellars are 50% to 70%. If the humidity rises and stays that way, the wine is no longer allowed to age gracefully.

When there is too much humidity in your wine cellar, mold can develop on your corks, your labels, and even your wine cellar’s ceilings and walls. A label that has had mold on it can become smelly. Your entire wine cellar could become compromised with an ongoing high level of humidity. In some areas, having a dehumidifier is as important as a humidifier, to maintain European cave conditions.

Not Enough Humidity in your Wine Storage

If you’ve ever been in a cave, you know that “dank” is a good descriptive word. Moist conditions are present in European caves and they should definitely be present anyplace wine is stored for a long period of time.

When there is not enough humidity in your wine storage unit, whether a cellar or a cabinet, the cork is affected in a way that ultimately spoils the wine. First, it’s important to understand the benefits of using a cork to seal a bottle of wine. The cork allows a small amount of oxygen into the bottle. The miniscule amount is important for the aging process.

Without enough humidity, wine corks can dry out too much. Too much air gets into a wine bottle if there is an over-dry cork. The result is that the wine becomes corked or spoiled from the added oxygen. This won’t happen if you have wine storage from one of the reliable manufacturers, such as WhisperKool, Breezaire, or Wine Guardian.

Humidity management is just one of several factors that are crucial in proper wine storage. Take care of your wine. Give it the same treatment it would receive in those underground caves of old. Wine Guardian, WhisperKool, and Breezaire are a few of the manufacturers that can make it happen for you, with their wine cellar cooling units and more.