Enjoy wine with two meals per day.

Have wine with a glass of water at every meal for a healthy heart.

Your wine habit of drinking one glass with two meals per day is in all likelihood good for you. At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we are happy to support healthful wine habits with the best custom wine cellars and reliable products like WhisperKool, Wine Guardian, CellarPro, CellarCool, and Breezaire cooling units. “All things in moderation” are great words to live by. They may never be truer than when it comes to enjoying wine.

Wine through the centuries can’t be wrong

For thousands of years, wine has been recognized for having nutritive and healthful properties. It was used pharmaceutically as early as 3150 B.C., according to archeological evidence recently discovered. The wise Hippocrates recommended specific wines for a variety of physical ailments. I mean, he’s famous for being one of the original geniuses! But it doesn’t take a genius to recognize that a little wine is good for a body.

Drink wine regularly and don’t die so soon

Some very interesting discoveries have been hidden through the ages for political reasons, and here’s a compelling one the National Institute of Health obscured for decades. In the 1970s, extensive research following 10,000 people showed conclusively that people who drank alcoholic beverages like wine moderately had 50% fewer deaths during a 25 to 50-year span than non-drinkers. Your wine habit could literally be the reason you’re not dead right now!

Wine is good for your ticker

Some of these facts about wine may inspire you to have custom storage built by Rosehill Wine Cellars and install a cooling unit, such as Breezaire, WhisperKool, or any of the other reliable products we offer. A study entitled Rx for Society: Wine and Water found that coronary disease is much higher in heavy or binge drinkers and even more so among those who abstain from drinking. In other words, those of you with a moderate wine-drinking habit have the healthiest hearts.

Wine prevents cancer – say what?

The scientific terminology behind this pertinent fact is a bit involved, but the bottom line is this:

  • If you regularly drink red wine in moderation, there are indications that it may prevent some forms of cancer as well as coronary disease.

Pssst! Wine is apparently brain food that can prevent dementia

If you’re like most people, someone in your family has had or is currently suffering from some form of dementia. This awful disease is believed to be preventable and not just by working sudoku puzzles. The solution is light-to-moderate alcohol consumption, and what could be better than wine?

Ready to install a wine cellar to support your healthful wine habit? Contact us at Rosehill Wine Cellars. We’ll design your wine storage and we will recommend a cooling unit from any of the following manufacturers: Wine Guardian, Cellar Pro, CellarCool, Breezaire, and WhisperKool.