Why Drinking More Wine is a Great Resolution

Marvel under the counter wine cabinets

Store your wine in a wine fridge and enjoy 2 glasses per day.

Wine is a beverage packed with life-enhancing benefits, which is just one reason we take great pride in all of our products and services at Rosehill Wine Cellars. Wine enthusiasts are those fortunate enough to have discovered the singular pleasure of drinking a glass of wine. Just as there is depth to the aroma of a fine wine, there are depths to be explored as a wine connoisseur. If you’ve been looking for a new spark in life, why not make a commitment to learn more about wine and drink it more often? Be prepared to invest in a wine fridge, since proper storage of wine is essential. The following are a few of many reasons to make wine-drinking your new resolution.

Connect with the earth

The geology associated with growing grapes is an intrinsic aspect of wine. “Terroir” is a term that refers to the overall natural environment in which wine is produced. Climate, sunlight, topography, and soil all impart characteristic taste and aroma to a particular wine; and correct storage temperatures preserve those flavors. Enjoying a bottle of wine is to appreciate the region in which the grapes flourished. Many wine connoisseurs visit the vineyards where their favorite wines are produced, which makes the connection to the earth even more meaningful.

Aroma is everything

Some say love enters the heart by way of the nose. Scents can spark romance, evoke powerful memories, and enhance the enjoyment of wine. Aromas are connected directly to the portion of our brain that triggers emotion, humor, and memory. Trained noses can actually detect a wine’s region, assemblage, and age through the smell. Because wine and aroma are inseparable, you will fill your life with the potential for deeper emotion and a larger volume of pleasant memories as a wine enthusiast.

2 glasses per day, no more, have health benefits

You can enjoy significant health benefits from drinking one to two glasses of wine each day. For this type of commitment, a wine fridge may not suffice. Contact us a Rosehill Wine Cellars for a custom wine cellar, which you may need to fully realize the daily benefits of wine. There are antioxidants in red wine tannins. Drinking wine can reduce instances of strokes, heart attacks, and gallstones. Don’t forget, however, that more than two glasses of wine per day means that every health benefit is lost, replaced by the effects of excess caloric and alcohol intake. A glass of wine with lunch and another with dinner is how it’s done in Europe and South America; take a page from their book.

The potential excitement around being a wine connoisseur can include traveling the world through familiarity with the wines you drink. Contact us at Rosehill Wine Cellars for an under-the-cabinet wine fridge or a custom wine cellar, and make wine-drinking a new priority.