10 Reasons to Drink Wine

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The more you know about wine, the more you want a wine cellar.

Plenty of people in the U.S. create the perfect conditions for wine storage by building a wine cellar for their home or business. Wine cooling units with humidity ensure that the atmosphere protects the wine, allowing it to age as beautifully as an Italian supermodel. If you haven’t gotten on the wine-drinking bandwagon, you may be wondering why go so far as build a room for a beverage? There are actually many compelling answers to that question that may make you want a wine cellar of your very own.

10 Reasons to be a Wine Drinker

Countless hobbies are shared and enjoyed by communities of avid participants, and being a wine connoisseur is among them. The more you know about wine, the more likely it is that you will recognize that wine is worthy of occupying European caves and wine cellars everywhere. The following are 10 reasons to drink wine:

1 – Those that regularly drink moderate amounts of wine have a lower risk of heart disease. The following are some health effects wine can have: Reduces risk of blood clots, reduces bad cholesterol, protects blood vessels in the heart from begin damaged, and helps maintain a healthy blood pressure.

2 – Wine helps to prevent decline of brain function. A study from Columbia University discovered that, compared to moderate wine drinkers, nondrinkers experience a markedly faster rate of brain function decline.

3 – An extensive Finnish study that was done over the course of 29 years found that drinking wine has the effect of prolonging life.

4 – If you’ve ever had gum disease, you know it’s not pleasant. Good news! If you drink red wine, it can help to prevent gum disease because of the polyphenols in the wine.

5 – Life have you down? If you drink between two and seven glasses of wine per week, it can reduce depression.

6 – When you pair certain wines with certain foods, the delicious flavors are enhanced. For instance bread and fish are perfectly paired with sparkling wine or champagne.

7 – You can reduce the risk of developing a cancerous tumor with the good oxidants contained in flavonoid-rich wines such as Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon.

8 – Enjoying wine is something everyone can afford. Though the finest wine can cost thousands for a bottle, wine that is tasty can be as affordable as $20 or less.

9 – Unwinding is good for you. Stress can roll away when you drink wine.

10 – Wine is truly fascinating and drinking it is justification for using words such as fleshy, brawny, supple, and hints of oak.

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