Water-Cooled Systems are an Option for Wine Storage

Water-cooled wine cooling units have benefits.

ONAM Wine Cellar Water-Cooled Wine Cooling System

You have many choices for storing your wine properly. A cooling unit of some kind is required. At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we offer products from top manufacturers, including WhisperKool, KoolSpace KoolR, Cellar Pro, EuroCave, and ONAM. For optimal wine storage temperatures and humidity in your wine cellar, you can choose a water-cooled wine cooling system or an air-cooled unit. The following gives information about water-cooled systems, which have benefits and at least one potential downside.

Self-Contained Water-Cooled Wine Refrigeration Systems

Wine cellars rely on one piece of equipment above anything else, to ensure proper wine storage, and that is the cooling unit. The wine must be stored at a particular temperature range and with the right humidity level. One option for accomplishing this is a self-contained water-cooled wine cellar cooling system. ONAM and WhisperKool are two brands of water-cooled systems we offer at Rosehill.

These units can be placed in the wine cellar or in a separate space that is adjacent to the cellar, which requires the use of insulated ductwork. One aspect that stands out in comparison to air-cooled systems is that water-cooled systems do not disperse heat into the air that surrounds the unit. Instead, the heat that is produced is pumped through a water supply that runs through a drain.

Water-cooled units are suitable for residential and commercial usage. They are powerful and can cool large cellars. It depends, however, on the size of your cooling unit. For example, the ONAM CW-30 series can cool cellars up to 2,000 cubic feet.

Benefits and Challenges of Water-Cooled Systems


  • If there is an issue with ventilation in your wine cellar and the area surrounding it, a water-cooled system is the best choice.
  • If the noise created by a condenser fan is not desirable, a water-cooled system provides the ideal option.
  • Less electricity is typically required to run a water-cooled system.
  • When water is plentiful, a water-cooled system is the best option. Examples are: In buildings where a cooling tower is part of the mechanical system and in homes and buildings that tap into a source of geothermal power.


  • If water is not plentiful, an air-cooled system is the better choice.

When you rely on top manufacturers for your cooling unit, including water-cooled and air-cooled systems, you can rest assured that the temperature and humidity will be right to store your wine. At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we take pride in building custom wine cellars for residential and commercial customers. Our top-quality work is well complemented by cooling units from ONAM, WhisperKool, KoolSpace KoolR, Cellar Pro, EuroCave, and others.