Eliminate Vibrations with EuroCave

EuroCave wine cabinet

EuroCave Wine Storage Cabinet from Rosehill Wine Cellars

When it comes to wine there are only bad vibrations!

Excessive vibrations can seriously damage your wine during storage. Vibrations can disturb the sediment in your wine bottle. They can also cause long-term damage by agitating your wine repeatedly and possibly speeding up any chemical reactions occurring during the aging process. Therefore, it is very important that your wine cabinet does everything to ensure that your wine does not vibrate!

Fortunately, EuroCave has your wine’s best interest at heart! The company has recently invested considerable research into investigating the effectiveness of their wine cabinets at eliminating vibrations and making sure your wine slumbers peacefully and securely in its home.

In order to conduct the research EuroCave wine storage cabinets were tested against competitors for the amount of vibration they generated. Vibrations were measured with the help of a high-precision laser vibrometer – kind of like a thermometer but for vibrations. Both empty and full cabinets were tested to ensure that all variables were accounted for.

The results revealed that EuroCave wine fridges generate six times fewer vibrations than other competing wine storage cabinets! This study reveals that EuroCave wine cabinets are not only nice to look at but also a functional, effective and safe way to store your entire wine collection!

The reason EuroCave is so wonderful at eliminating vibration is because of their amazing design features, such as their ‘Main du Sommelier’ wine cradling support system.

Therefore, fear not EuroCave will make sure your wine rests easy!

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