Tips for Serving Wine at a Spring Picnic

Blossom wine tote bag

Blossom wine tote bag

Springtime has weather that is perfect for picnics virtually all across the U.S. Especially after a freezing cold winter, going on a picnic in mild weather is a special pleasure. The best way to upgrade an average picnic is to bring along a great bottle of wine. Since wine is best when served at appropriate temperatures, invest in needed accessories. Rosehill Wine Cellars has the wine cabinet or wine cellar equipment you need to store your wine at home, and wine cellar accessories like wine bags and wine backpacks you can use to take wine outside on a picnic in the great outdoors.

Wine Temperature

Wine connoisseurs know that storing wine at appropriate temperatures is essential for the ultimate enjoyment of drinking it. Not only should the wine be prevented from overheating at any point in time, it should stay cool until time to open it. There are many options for traveling with wine in a way that maintains proper temps, including bags, handy trolleys, portable ice buckets, rolling suitcases, backpacks, and even wine purses. All are insulated and designed for enjoying wine on the go.

Wine Selection

To simplify the experience of enjoying wine on a picnic, many opt for a screw top wine. To the surprise of many, having a screw cap closure does not indicate that it’s inferior wine. The Stelvin screw cap closure was created in the 1960s. It provided an alternative to cork taint, and it has become the world leader in screw caps for wine. (Please note: Wine with a screw cap can still be corked or contaminated.)

WIne on a picnic is perfect

Pick a spot for a springtime picnic with food and wine.

The milder weather of spring and summer is best accompanied by light wines. The following are suggested wines for a spring picnic, whether they have a cork closure or a screw-top closure:

  • An estate purchased by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie produces a great picnic wine: Chateau Miraval Rosé Côtes de Provence, which is beautifully balanced and has a fruity finish that lingers and also a whisper of salty character. This affordable wine is best served in a stemless wineglass, which is practical for a picnic.
  • Champagne is refreshing, bubbly picnic fare. Alcohol tends to be lower in champagne. Chilled properly on a warm spring day, what could be more perfect than champagne? Crisp champagne from Portugal, you can’t go wrong with Broadbent Vinho Verde.

Wine is great with outdoor meals and indoor meals. At Rosehill Wine Cellar we think a meal accompanied with wine is as iconic as a picnic on a spring day. If you need a wine cabinet or custom wine cellar to store your wine or an accessory to transport your wine, contact us today.