Wine Club Member Needs Wine Cooling Unit!

WhisperKool, Wine Guardian, Cellar Pro, and CellarCool provide proper storage for wine club offerings

When you join a wine club, the need for plenty of storage and for a wine cooling unit arises.

Wine clubs are ideal for adventurous wine consumption. Wine club members enjoy various benefits, depending on the club and the plan chosen. Since membership can be remote, geography is usually no hindrance to joining the club that gives you access to the wines you really want to stock your wine cellar with. Among the benefits of a wine club is that it helps you keep your wine collection well-stocked at discounted prices. Of course, a reliable wine cooling unit is needed. Manufacturers that provide just the atmosphere needed to protect your wine collection include WhisperKool, Wine Guardian, Cellar Pro, and CellarCool.

Benefits of Joining a Local Wine Club

If you are a fan of the offerings of a vineyard near you, joining the wine club at that winery may offer a good number of additional perks. As wine clubs go, however, you can’t be certain about what you’re signing up for until you read the fine print. There is no uniform set of expectations that you can look to when joining a wine club. A bit of comparison work may be needed to determine which local winery club to sign onto.

A terrific benefit is that local wineries often sell amazing wine that isn’t available at your neighborhood grocery store. Another advantage is that it cuts costs to pick up your wine locally, as opposed to paying the cost of shipping.

A Top Consideration When Choosing a Wine Club

If your wine preferences run along certain narrow lines, your best guideline for choosing a wine club is to make sure the club specializes in varieties of your preferred tastes. You can, for instance, choose a wine club that focuses on aged Cabernet Sauvignon. Obviously, storage conditions come more into play when your wine storage is for aging. At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we specialize in building custom wine cellars, but we are also glad to spread the word about manufacturers that provide reliable wine cooling units, including Wine Guardian, Cellar Pro, CellarCool, and WhisperKool.

If you prefer wines meant to be served and enjoyed without further aging needed, it’s still helpful to at least have an under-the-counter wine fridge. The conditions in a regular refrigerator fail to provide the atmosphere in which wine can maintain maximum quality and taste.

Wine Clubs, to Name a Few

The following are a few suggestions among the many popular wine clubs you might choose to join:

  • Club W focuses on value and sends wine curated to suit your specific tastes, as determined from a palate profile survey. Added features members appreciate include the ability to skip or cancel shipments and return wine, no questions asked.
  • The International Wine of the Month Club sends out wines chosen by a panel of 30 experts, and the wine is always accompanied by cellar notes, which include such details as the wine’s history and suggestions for food pairings.
  • Lot 18 is perfect for collectors seeking to stock their wine cellars. The club offers specials every day on premium wines.

Why not up your wine consumption by joining a wine club? As long as you’ve got the needed wine cooling unit to ensure optimal storage, you’re set, whether it’s from WhisperKool, Wine Guardian, Cellar Pro, or CellarCool.