A Wine Cooling Unit Plus What Equals Proper Wine Storage?

CellarCOOL: Through the Wall Wine Cellar Cooling Units

CellarCOOL wine cooling units provide the essential elements of wine storage.

A wine cellar could be gorgeous or in serious need of redesign, but the looks really having nothing to do with whether or not it is providing proper storage of wine. What determines a wine cellar’s usefulness in storing wine for the long-term is the wine cooling unit. This appliance pulls almost the entire weight of providing that specific environment needed for wine to age optimally. Among the wine cooling unit manufacturers we proudly recommend are WhisperKOOL, EuroCave, Wine Guardian Cooling Units, CellarCool, Koolspace, and CellarPro. Let’s look at what a wine cooling unit does, and see if you can spot any elements of storage that aren’t covered by the cooling unit.

Elements of proper wine storage – Temperature

The specific conditions that need to exist in an environment in which wine is stored, to ensure that the wine isn’t spoiled, include a certain temperature range. Wine cooling units keep the temperature between 40°F and 65°F. If wine is exposed to warmer temperatures for very long, the wine develops a new and unpleasant flavor, often described as stewed raisins. Temperature fluctuations need to be avoided, as well. Temperature stability is another critical element of proper wine storage, which wine cooling units provide.


Have you ever wondered why humidity levels are also crucial for wine storage? Wine cooling units provide the appropriate humidity levels, to ensure that wine isn’t spoiled for lack of humidity. It’s all about the cork.

The wine cork is a significant part of the aging process. Corks allow miniscule amounts of oxygen to get to the wine, which accommodates the gradual aging process.

If the air is too dry, it affects the side of the cork that’s outside of the bottle. A wine cork shrinks or crumbles in a dry atmosphere, and the result is that too much oxygen gets to the wine, causing it to age prematurely.


A WhisperKOOL, EuroCave, Wine Guardian Cooling Unit, CellarCool, Koolspace, and CellarPro cooling unit will all provide ventilation, in addition to the appropriate temperature and humidity for wine. Ventilation is needed; otherwise, a musty smell could overwhelm the wine cellar and make its way into your bottles of wine.

What does wine storage need that wine cooling units don’t supply?

There are only three components of wine storage that wine cooling units don’t take care of and they are: protection from UV rays, wine racks, and security. Wine needs to be stored in a dark place because if sunlight hits the wine, it can degrade the wine inside. It can also warm up the wine to temperature levels that spoil the taste.

Wine racks are built for the purpose of proper storage but they aren’t associated with the wine cooling units.

Security may or may not be needed. It’s usually recommended that a door to the wine cellar locks, if for no other reason than to protect your investment. Even if small children were to explore a wine cellar on their own, it could lead to trouble on numerous levels. Locking the door is important; and, of course, that has nothing to do with the function of a wine cooling unit.

Wine cooling units are the core of wine storage

A dark environment, wine racks, and security aside, wine cooling units from WhisperKOOL, EuroCave, Wine Guardian Cooling Units, CellarCool, Koolspace, or CellarPro provide virtually everything else you need for wine storage.