Are These Your Favorite Wine Cellar Features?

Wine cellar construction

There are many design elements to choose from for your custom wine cellar.

Wine cellars are awesome, to anyone with an appreciation for wine. Wine must be stored “just so,” and wine cellars are the best places to create that specific environment. Once the decision is made and you’re going to have a wine cellar built, call Rosehill Wine Cellars. We will go over with you the many exciting options that can make your wine cellar distinctly ideal to match your design preferences and your needs. The following are some of many features you could choose for your personal or commercial wine cellar.

Wine Rack Arches

Your wine cellar can be whatever you want or need it to be, as opposed to rows of cabinets with individual wine cubicles. If you would like to have some countertop space for the purpose of creating a wine tasting or decanting area, creating an arch within the wine cabinet is a beautiful way to achieve that. Arches with bead board or slats are among the options. You can also choose to have a true full-radius arch or soffit arches.

Type of Wood

The most significant decision you will make in the design of your wine cellar is the type of wood to be used in building it. There are only a few types of wood that are truly suitable for building wine racks. Mahogany and redwood are the best choices. Redwood is more resistant to mildew, rot, and insects than other species. Mahogany is resistant to warping, shrinking, and decay; plus it has the same qualities listed for the redwood. Another significant quality is that these types of wood do not emit odors. Oak can be used, but it’s more difficult to work with because of its extreme density. Pine is less stable and sturdy; although it can be used for wine racks, it’s not something we recommend at Rosehill Wine Cellars.

Display Row

There are numerous options for showcasing wine so that the bottle isn’t tucked away in seclusion. A nice way to display numerous bottles is with a row of angled display racks across the length of the wine cabinets. This adds a beautiful design element and allows for lighting of individual bottles that have labels deserving of the spotlight.

Custom Wine Cellar Door

The entryway and exit to your wine cellar can be as beautiful as it is functional. Wine cellar doors need to be insulated and properly sealed in order to protect the wine bottles stored inside. There are many options to choose from, including having an original design built.

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Having a wine cellar is every true wine lover’s dream. Which features will you choose for your custom wine cellar? Contact us a Rosehill Wine Cellars today to discuss the many possibilities for distinctive wine storage.