2 Popular Wine Cellar Features

Wine cellars from Rosehill Wine Cellars

An island in this customer wine cellar can serve as a wine tasting nook.

Building and accommodating appropriate wine storage for our commercial and residential customers is our passion. Wine is a one-of-a-kind beverage that deserves of all the attention it gets from genuine wine connoisseurs. We support wine hobbies such as wine collecting by ensuring that wine has an opportunity to mature in an ideal environment.  Wine cooling units are essential components of modern wine cellars.

Wine cellar, wine room, or wine cabinet

The amount of space you have to work with determines how many great features you can incorporate into a custom wine cellar or wine room. For smaller areas, such as built-in wine cabinets, the same features can potentially be incorporated, though on a limited basis.

For a wine lover, a modern wine cellar or wine room is a place that can be an absolute thrill. We recommend adding the features that will be most meaningful for you. The possibilities are practically limitless, considering all the potential combinations.

Wine rack lockers

Every wine cellar should have a security lock, to ensure that the proper environment inside is maintained and valuable investments are guarded behind lock and key. In many situations, you may want to allow people access to your wine cellar but not necessarily to your entire stock. Options that may be ideal for you are wine rack lockers. Whether you need a small amount of inventory in a wine locker or numerous bottles of wine, secure wine locker storage can be added to your wine cellar or wine room.

Tasting Nook

The best modern wine cellars include a wine tasting nook. It’s an added pleasure to have another reason to stick around for a while amidst the many bottles of wine stored in your custom wine room or wine cellar. You could simply add some extra cabinet space for wine tastings. Get comfortable with chairs and a table, to taste the wine right there where it’s stored.

Add your favorite wine cellar features

You can choose every aspect of your custom modern wine cellar in Toronto, when you work with the experts at Rosehill Wine Cellars. Your favorite wine cellar design may include wine rack lockers, a tasting nook, and a wide range of other exciting possibilities.