2 Reasons to Lock the Wine Cellar

bottle lock

Lock your wine cabinet or lock by the bottle.

Wine drinking is a pleasure and wine collecting a joy, but the fun and games are over when someone who shouldn’t sneaks into your wine cellar. Yours doesn’t have to be a cache of the world’s most expensive wines to be a collection others covet or find to be an irresistible curiosity. A security system comes standard with custom wine cellars from Rosehill Wine Cellars, and every wine cabinet should be secured under lock and key. The following are two good reasons to keep your wine in a locked wine cabinet or a secured wine cellar.

The kids, of course

Some parents have the opinion that allowing children to sip wine or other forms of alcohol when they’re young will prevent alcohol abuse later on. Unfortunately, studies don’t support this argument. In fact, the opposite seems to be true. A child who is allowed to taste alcohol at age 10 is much more likely than other kids to have a drinking problem by age 14.

All of the health experts agree that alcohol and kids don’t mix. Children can’t handle the short-term effects of drinking, and the long-term health risks are serious.

Children are no dummies. They see how much adults enjoy decanting, swirling, smelling, and drinking wine. Parents do well to have a discussion with children, to help them realize the importance of saying “no” to alcohol until they reach the legal age—and then, it’s important to drink responsibly.

Party folks

When you have friends over, there could be someone in the crowd who gets so tipsy they excuse themselves for nabbing a bottle or more for themselves from your wine cabinet. This is just a bad idea, and it’s a good reason to keep up with the bottles you’re storing. You don’t want to reach for that perfect bottle of Cabernet one day and discover that it has been removed. Besides, real friends don’t steal friends’ wine. Be careful who you invite over for a wine and poker party.

There is so much to enjoy about wine, it’s not hard to forget that there are many serious reasons to keep your collection under lock and key. A secured cellar or wine cabinet is the best way to avoid any of these potential problems. Contact Rosehill Wine Cellars for a locked wine fridge, locking wine cabinet, or a custom wine cellar with a locked door and a security system.