Rosehill Wine Cellars for Rosehall Run Wine

Contemporary metal racks from Rosehill

Store your local wines in a custom storage space built by Rosehill Wine Cellars

About two hours from Toronto, Rosehall Run, a local winery, produces some of the best-value wines in the area. Rosehill Wine Cellars builds custom wine cellars for wine connoisseurs in and around Toronto. It’s really great to know that you don’t have to shop for French, Italian, or even Napa Valley wines, to find wines worthy of proper wine storage. Rosehill Wine Cellars creates the ideal environment for wines, as far as temperature, humidity and more. Rosehall Run provides wine lovers with a range of great experiences, in addition to the pleasure of drinking award-winning wine.

Tasting Bar

The tasting bar at Rosehall Run is open daily. There you can sample from the County-grown and produced wines that have won awards at Rosehall, such as various Rieslings, Sparkling Wines, Pinot Noirs, and Chardonnays. The atmosphere provides a nice highlight to a Prince Edward County wine tour. You may be able to have some face-to-face time with Rosehall winemaker Dan Sullivan himself, or you can choose to simply relax and enjoy wine in the vineyard picnic area.

The tasting bar has contemporary indoor space that is an extension of the sustainable theme at Rosehall. A variety of ultra eco materials are used in the design, such as straw fabric veneer, Kirei board, and cork. There is even a massive multi-tiered chandelier fashioned by local artist Maggie Longworth. She used dried grape vines from the property to make the commissioned piece.

Join the Club

If wine is your passion and you enthusiastically support local wine, joining Rosehall Run Club may be ideal for you. Member benefits include FREE delivery anywhere in Ontario on orders of 6 bottles or more. You get to choose from a selection of Award-winning wines. You will be invited to Members Only Special Events, and you’ll be first in line to have access to new releases. As an added bonus, you can also take advantage of special offers from County partners.

Get your Wine Storage in Order

As a genuine wine lover, a custom wine cellar from Rosehill Wine Cellars is also an ideal option for you. We love what we do, which is to create beautiful wine cellars with custom features and the perfect atmosphere for storage of wine. We offer wooden wine racks, presentation shelves, traditional wine cellar features, and modern wine cellar options.

Contact Rosehill Wine Cellars today to get started on your custom wine storage space, whether a wine cellar or a custom built-in wine cabinet for a smaller space. We will make sure you are all set to store wine from local wineries such as Rosehall Run as well as from the finest wineries around the world.