Wine Rack Tips for the Novice Wine Collector

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If you’ve recently become serious about wine, the first thing you may have realized is that you need to consider wine storage. Wine racks provide convenient, decorative storage for wine; and many styles are available. At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we offer traditional and contemporary wine racks plus custom wine cellars, complete with wine cooling units that ensure a proper storage environment. Simply buying a wine rack for your home, without any type of wine refrigeration, is only a feasible solution in certain circumstances. Learn more below.

Short-term Wine Rack Storage

A wine rack should not be placed anywhere it will be exposed to direct sunlight. The kitchen is not the place, either, because of fluctuations in temperature. The coolest area of your home is best for a wine rack. For example, if you have a basement, that’s the best choice, even if you don’t have a custom wine cellar.

Choose racks according to the types of wine you drink. If the bottles aren’t standard, you may need a wine rack with larger openings. Wooden wine racks are most typical, but there are some elements in construction that should be considered when choosing from the wooden wine racks on the market. Be sure you don’t get a wine rack that uses staples in the construction because they easily begin to lean, buckle, or pancake. Wooden wine racks that are nailed, glued, and screwed together provide sufficient stability for extended use. Not all types of wood are recommended. Mahogany, redwood, and walnut are among the hardwoods ideal for wine racks.

Metal wine racks offer a more contemporary look. You can choose from a diamond-shaped wine rack or a wide range of styles that can be hung on the wall, placed on the floor, or situated on a tabletop.

Custom Wine Racks for your Wine Cellar

When you order a custom wine cellar from Rosehill Wine Cellars, you can choose wine racks that suit your style and your taste. Horizontal and vertical presentation shelves are among the options. Some wine racking designs make it possible to store a massive number of bottles in a small space. With that many bottles, the correct storage atmosphere is essential. A top quality wine cooling unit properly installed and of the correct size will maintain the right humidity level and the right temperature.

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Any wine that you store without a wine cooling unit should be consumed within a month or a few months, at most. You should only use a wine cellar for storage of fine wines that are best when they mature over time. In all circumstances, wine racks are the best way to store bottles of wine.