Food & Wine Pairings for Chardonnay in Summer

The anticipation of opening a decade-old Chardonnay or even one that is recently released is enhanced by serving the fine wine with just the right menu selections. The tasting notes of the particular bottle of Chardonnay you are drinking can vary widely, including the added variable of whether it is oaked or unoaked. Although there are many differences in Chardonnay types and labels, one thing they typically have in common is voluptuousness. One of the only possible reasons such a pleasure might, instead, be a letdown is if the wine was not kept in the ideal conditions of a climate-controlled wine cellar with a wine cooling unit from a major manufacturer such as Wine Guardian. Wine that is aged especially needs the ideal storage environment before enjoying it with the perfect entrees.

Food Pairings with Chardonnay

Sparkling wine

Chardonnay wines are perfect with various food pairings.

Chardonnays are velvety wines rich with citrusy flavors such as grapefruit and lemon. When fermented in new oak barrels, there is usually a distinct buttery tone, with the flavors of vanilla, coconut, toffee, and toast. Summer is a wonderful season to pair it with certain foods. The following are some helpful tips:

Oak-aged Chardonnays

Open a barrel-fermented Chardonnay within a year to three years of purchase. Serve with cheddar cheese and late summer vegetables such as pumpkin, butternut squash, corn, and red peppers. Ideal main entrées include grilled veal chops and turbot, a sumptuous fish.

Barrel-fermented Chardonnays

You’ll need a wine cellar or wine cabinet with a reliable cooling unit from Wine Guardian or another top manufacturer to keep barrel-fermented Chardonnay protected during an aging process of 3 to 8 years. This wine develops a creamy texture and a nutty taste, which is best served with delicate dishes. Some suggestions include roast chicken or guinea fowl with white truffles and slow roast tomatoes.

Young Unoaked Chardonnay

Chablis is an example of a young, unoaked Chardonnay from a cool climate. Good food pairings include delicate dishes such as prawns, grilled fish, spring vegetables, and pasta. Creamy vegetables soups are also perfect.

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