More Reasons to be Wowed by Wine

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If you’re a wine lover, nobody has to tell you it does you good. On a busy Monday, perhaps you could use a reminder that a glass of wine each day provides you with health benefits. An apple isn’t the only thing the doctor ordered. Plan to have white or red wine with your dinner each evening and expect to reap multiple benefits. This undertaking is much easier when you have a custom wine cellar or wine cabinet with a reliable wine cooling unit from a top manufacturer like KoolR.

Strengthen your Immune System

Don’t leave out a nutritious diet, but you can also enjoy a stronger immune system from drinking wine. Your heart-healthy HDL cholesterol will increase, which gives the immune system a healthy boost. The immune system does the important job of keeping viruses, fungi, and bacteria out of the body. It also destroys infectious microorganisms that manage to invade your body. Translation: You will be sick less often. The HDL also helps to prevent strokes and heart attacks because it helps to stop the build-up of “bad” plaque in the arteries.

The following are more health benefits from drinking wine daily:

  • It has been scientifically proven in laboratories that wine contains the antioxidant resveratrol, which helps to prevent weight gain. This knowledge should be balanced with the knowledge that there are approximately 123 calories in a five-ounce glass of wine. The experts suggest one glass per night for women and two for people of the male persuasion.
  • Wine gives you a brain boost because it helps you preserve your memory. Clots and blood vessel inflammation are both linked to heart disease and cognitive decline, and wine helps to reduce the risk of both. Elderly women who drank a glass or more of wine daily proved to have better memories than others who didn’t drink.
  • You can significantly reduce the chances of developing cataracts if you drink wine, at 32% less likely than those who don’t drink alcohol. Research also shows that those who drink wine are 43% less likely than beer drinkers to develop cataracts. So what you need is a wine cellar.

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If you love wine and want to improve your health with a glass per day, you’ll need reliable wine storage. Contact Rosehill Wine Cellars for custom wine storage. We can build a wine cellar that perfectly meets your specific needs, and we’ll use a wine cooling unit you can depend on, like those from KoolR.